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First Lady Michelle Obama Helps Needy in DC

Who is the leader of the GOP?

Limbaugh-steele Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh whipped the crowd to frenzy at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) yesterday in Washington, DC. He continued his angry, treasonous line of attack on the President, liberals and Democrats. Yeas, he wants President Obama to fail. Don't ask about that anymore; he's been quite clear. He's entitled to his position so let's just let it go and stop giving this guy a platform to pollute our airwaves.

Anyhoo, it's far too early to really talk about the 2012 presidential election but one thing is certain, anyone who really wants to be the GOP nominee must distance his or herself from this guy.

There's also doubt about what in the world the GOP is thinking. Between GOP chair Michael "Da Man" Steele and his attempt to bring hip hop to the GOP and Rush Limbaugh's hate and anger, who is really in charge of the GOP? Does the GOP have a death wish?

There is still no real attempt of the GOP base to bring ethnic diversity to its ranks; they are killing themselves. It's a long way away from 2012, let's see if the GOP gets its act together.


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