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Arizona State University Disses President Obama

Straight from the "you've got to be kidding" category, Arizona State University (ASU) basically jumped into the "diss Obama" fray. The President has been invited to speak at the University's commencement but he will not be given an honorary degree as expected. The University spokesperson actually indicated they wouldn't give President Obama an honorary degree because he hasn't done enough yet. Huh?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what is to be gained by such an action? Let's see, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States; John McCain was not. Let's get past this foolishness and work together as Americans.

President Obama has already proven his academic prowess and his accomplishments are well-documented. ASU does itself no favor by withholding an honorary degree from someone as learned as President Obama. The continuous personal attacks on the President rather than addressing issues this country needs to overcome is old, boring, and counterproductive. It also strengthens President Obama's favor with most Americans and the rest of the world.