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Roland Martin’s New Gig and My Top Ten Political Commentators

Roland martin no bias A couple of offline friends reminded me that I'd neglected to mention Roland Martin's new gig on CNN serving as host of "No Bias. No Bull." while Campbell Brown is on maternity leave.

It goes without saying that Martin is one of my favorite political commentators. Yeah, I probably should have written something about his new gig and to that I say, my bad. I do wish him the best in this new role (I really don't know how he has the energy for so many jobs.) although I'm not really feeling the Saturday night time slot that Martin is slated to get for his own show.

Anyhoo, the Roland Martin discussion got me to thinking about other folks that I like watching and listening to. I don't always agree with their opinion but I do like hearing what they have to say and the delivery of the logic behind their position. Here's my list of faves. Who's in your Top Ten?

My Top Ten Political Commentators

  1. Rachel Maddow
  2. Donna Brazile
  3. David Gergen
  4. Keith Olbermann
  5. Roland Martin
  6. Ed Schultz
  7. Ed Rollins
  8. Alex Castellanos
  9. Jamal Simmons