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While I Was Sleeping: Kris Allen Won American Idol?

What in the world happened last night? I intentionally missed the American Idol finale last night but I hadn't planned on sleeping through the evening. It was a foregone conclusion that Adam Lambert would be crowned winner so watching the show wasn't a big concern for me. I can’t say that I’ve paid very much attention to American Idol since Fantasia won but the finale is usually a great show.

Anyhoo, I was able to keep up with American Idol via highlights from my local FOX affiliate, WSVN-7. Lambert has an over the top style while Allen is understated.  I did like that other guy better. I think his name is Danny Gokey or something like that.

Lambert’s Goth-rock style complete with jet black eyeliner and big voice obviously didn’t cut it with the majority of the American Idol voters but don’t feel sorry for Adam Lambert; he and his big voice will do just fine.

I missed all of last night's performances and I usually like the guest performers. Oh, well; there’s always next year.