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South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford is not standing by her man; at least not publicly. While a weirdly sad Gov. Mark Sanford confessed and apologized for his indiscretions with a woman from Brazil, his wife Jenny was nowhere to be seen. Thank God.

It's about time betrayed wives showed some intestinal fortitude and did not subject themselves to the humiliation of public display during their husband's mea culpa. That's not to say they shouldn't try to work with their spouse to salvage the marriage but there is really little to be gained by the woman's public subjugation and humiliation.

By all accounts, Jenny Sanford is an intelligent woman. For whatever reason, she wants to reconcile with her husband Mark although he went to see his mistress in spite of his wife's request he not do so.

Gov. Sanford's disappearance, reappearance, confession, and apology tour have already received way too much media coverage. The governor has to deal with his wife, children, and the voters of South Carolina to resolve this matter. Speaking of the voters, Gov. Sanford also admitted to using taxpayer funds to finance his trip to see his mistress. Can this situation possibly get any worse for him? Yes, it can but he's not budging --- yet.

Gov. Sanford has resumed his duties as the leader of his state and by his actions doesn't plan to resign. This story continues as the calls for his resignation increase.

Oh yeah, does anyone wonder who sent the governor's personal e-mails to the media? I certainly do.