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The story of the loose lips of Gen. Stanley McChrystal has dominated much of the news today. Even as the United States soccer team advanced to Round 2 in the FIFA World Cup and more oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico, the bad judgment and disrespect of President Obama, Vice President Biden and other leaders was the last straw in the brilliant military career of McChrystal.

Michael Hastings's coverage of the General in Rolling Stone, sparked tremendous controversy leading to his demise. Wow. Did he and his staff really NOT think their antics would be published? Did they really believe their own hype? The article reads like another bad move of speaking casually in front of an open mic ---only worse.

I think the reality of the McChrystal debacle is that it takes a rare person to ascend to the rank of General and then to command such an important military operation. Knowing that is what makes the article surprising in some parts. The sophomoric comments of Gen. McChrystal and his team merely prove that some folks never really grow up.

President Obama had few choices but to can McChrystal or accept his resignation. McChrystal walks away, embarrassed and perhaps a little relieved. He probably develops a following, writes a book about the incident and perhaps ends up on television as a commentator.

Of more concern is how Michael Hastings, a reporter, was allowed that much access to Gen. McChrystal in the first place.

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