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Are We Witnessing the Takedown of Herman Cain?

The sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain that resulted in a financial settlement to the accuser in two separate cases, won't go away until he does. Cain's unexpected rise to the top of the Republican presidential candidate heap must be stopped by any means necessary and the takedown has begun.

Cain knows this sexual harassment issue could have reared its ugly head when he entered the presidential race and he should have been better prepared to deal with it. Perhaps he is just as surprised by his campaign success as the rest of us and never thought he would rise to the level of significance that would warrant disclosure of the issue.

As he rose in the polls, Cain should have expected and prepared for the public disclosure of the sexual harassment cases. And, in this supposedly post-racial America we live in, if his accusers are white, his campaign is toast. If anyone says otherwise, they are delusional or just plain lying.

Don't get it twisted, have race relations improved in this country? Absolutely. Is this still the best country in the world? Absolutely. But let's be real, racial issues haven't gone away and if playing that card helps one candidate win and another one lose, it will happen. Race is a hot-button issue and politics is a contact sport.

As the stickiness of this Herman Cain sexual harassment story continues, let's see if the takedown of Herman Cain will soon be complete or will he surprise us once again?

Are We Witnessing the Takedown of Herman Cain?