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Florida Votes Today!

Today is Election Day in Florida. Voters throughout the State, who have not already voted early or via absentee ballot, will go to the polls today. It is the Presidential Preference Primary for registered Republicans but there are other items on the ballot in counties throughout the State.

The Republican race in Florida, is really down to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. They have beat up on each other in interviews and via advertisements. The momentum appears to be in Romney's favor with many established Republicans supporting his candidacy. Gingrich says he's in for the long haul even if Romney takes Florida. Romney has spent five times more than Gingrich and has the backing of high-profile Republicans, so one would expect him to be ahead by a larger margin than the polls indicate.

Regardless of who the winner is in this race in Florida, the negative campaigning has been despicable. With so many lies and partial truths being told, once again, I suggest you do your own research or consult with someone you trust is objective. Up next, Nevada!


Bill Press on Newt Gingrich: He's Not a Great Debater [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Bill Press guest hosting the Countdown with Keith Olbermann Show. So, a CNN producer warmed up the crowd at the presidential debate in Charleston, SC. encouraging the audience to make as much noise as possible as if the debate was The Jerry Springer Show? Shame on CNN. 

You know it really doesn’t matter who the Republican presidential nominee is, President Obama will clean their clock. 



President Obama's State of the Union Address 01/24/2012 [VIDEO] [TRANSCRIPT]

President Barack Obama delivered a rousing State of the Union address last night that addressed a myriad of topics from the economy to education to healthcare to bipartianship and Republican obstructionism. When the President mentioned the takedown of Osama bin Laden early in his address, it was apparent that he was in the zone.

Some criticize the President by attacking his gift of public speaking others accuse him of being divisive. That's a shame. The President spoke to the heart of the issues that Americans face every day. He expressed the frustration that Americans feel about government and the partisanship bickering. The President challenged Congress to do their job.

Here are the video and text of the President's speech.


Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address

United States Capitol
Washington, D.C.

9:10 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:

Last month, I went to Andrews Air Force Base and welcomed home some of our last troops to serve in Iraq.  Together, we offered a final, proud salute to the colors under which more than a million of our fellow citizens fought -- and several thousand gave their lives.

We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected around the world.  (Applause.)  For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq.  (Applause.)  For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country.  (Applause.)  Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated.  The Taliban’s momentum has been broken, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.

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Red Tails: An Epic Tale of Patriotism and Courage


Red Tails Poster

I went to see Red Tails yesterday with my Dad. He asked about movie times and where it was playing so I know that was my cue to be a good daughter and take him. After being married 58 years, Dad still misses my Mom who transitioned almost two years ago.  Whenever he wants to do something or go somewhere I try to oblige him. 

I don’t like going out to the movies. First of all, there are no theaters in my neighborhood so anywhere I go requires at least a 10 or 15 minute drive. Then there’s the parking, expensive admission and way overpriced food at the concession stand.  Not to mention the fact that I usually have lots to do and going to the movies takes a real big chunk out of my day.

Anyhoo, we saw the movie at the Aventura AMC24. We arrived just in time for the previews to start. My Dad had not been to a movie theater in at least 25 years. He said the previews were too long. The movie showtime was scheduled for 4:15 p.m. and that’s the time he expected it to start. The movie started at 4:30.

The opening scenes of the movie explicitly indicate the movie is ‘inspired’ by true events. If you expect a documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen, this is not the movie for you. Does it touch upon the racism the men of the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps endured? Yes, it does. It also highlights the assumptions of intellectual inferiority of the black pilots and their relegation assignments that did not have any impact on the War. 

This movie is also entertaining if you enjoy the rock ‘em sock’em shoot’em up special effects producer George Lucas is known for in his Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. There are portions of the movie that are predictable and others that are not. The character development of the men was good but could have been a little more in-depth. The relationship between Joe and Sofia was a tad clumsy but a contrast to the fighting and racism. 

I highly recommend this movie. Kudos to George Lucas and to director Anthony Hemingway for a movie that will be remembered for a long time. My deep appreciation to the Tuskegee Airmen for the obstacles they overcame and the lives they saved. There are a few Tuskegee Airmen still alive today. If you know them or they live in your community, please say thank you.

In spite of the cost of the afternoon — admission ($29.00), concession ($24.78) and valet parking ($11), I would have spent twice that to see my Dad smile and have him talk about the Tuskegee Airmen and his military experience for the rest of the evening. 

Go see ‘Red Tails’ and make it a family outing.




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GOP Presidential Race 2012: Anybody but Mitt? [POLL]


SC Primary

Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina Republican Primary and Mitt Romney came in second place. Gingrich has effectively thrown enough red meat at Republican South Carolina voters to overcome Romney’s hefty campaign war chest and Gingrich's ex-wife’s disclosures about their marriage.

The outcome of this race is not entirely surprising. Gingrich’s ability to play to the public and Romney’s income tax issue and inability to connect with voters have set the stage and made the upcoming Florida Primary all the more important.

Romney has now only won New Hampshire after narrowly losing to Rick Santorum in Iowa. It appears Romney can’t rally the conservative base of the Republican Party so how long can he hold on before suspending his campaign?


Dethroning Mitt

Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 7.56.52 PM

Today was another grueling day. With deadlines for work projects and community projects looming, I have not been eating properly, nor getting enough exercise and rest. So much so, to settle my stomach, I took a couple of Alka-Seltzer after arriving home.

As I watched the tablets fizz and dissolve --- did I mention they were Extra Strength Alka-Seltzer? --- well, I reflected on my day and realized no matter how horribly I was feeling, there was at least one person in the world that felt way worse than me today and that would be Mitt Romney.

Yeah, I know he has to be wondering what in the hell happened to his campaign? A few days ago, he and many others were so confident Romney would win the GOP presidential nomination, and ultimately make Barack Obama a one-term President, that they were already picking out the new drapes and rearranging the furniture in the White House. 

What a difference a few days make. The chorus of critics about Romney’s lack of transparency regarding his taxes and insensitivity to and insults about the American general public grew louder and louder and Romney’s began to erode. Then, it turns out, Rick Santorum was the real winner of the Iowa Caucus, at least that’s the way it’s shaping up thus far, and now Rick Perry is suspending his campaign and has endorsed Newt Gingrich. 

If there ever was a time it might be okay drop the F-bomb, this would be it. I mean, I don’t encourage the use of profane language but in my Chris Rock voice, in this case,  “I understand”. Man, oh, man, how could Willard Mitt Romney have been the heir apparent to the GOP presidential nomination two days ago and now he’s holding on for dear life? 

This presidential campaign is getting more and more interesting. So interesting, that I’m going to watch tonight’s Southern Republican debate rather than the Miami Heat and Lakers game. Who knows what’s going to happen next? In spite of this momentum change for Gingrich, he’s not exactly in the catbird seat because his ex-wife is dissing him big time. How effective she is in derailing Gingrich’s campaign remains to be seen. I’m going to get some popcorn for this reality show. 


Romney, Wealth and the Presidential Campaign

If you believe many of the pundits of American politics, Willard Mitt Romney will be the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee --- until now.

Romney continues to show who he really is and for whom he will really advocate --- the wealthy. Romney has shown, in several instances, how he is totally out of touch with most Americans of all political affiliations.

He has insulted the American public by basically accusing them of being jealous of him because he's wealthy. He has laughed about firing workers and cavalierly made a $10,000 bet as if it was only $1.

To make matters worse, when pressed about the income taxes he pays, he says he pays around 15 %. He also says he donated his speaking fees, which were "not that much". His reported speaking fees are over $374,000. Wow, this is the favored Republican presidential candidate?

The Democrats should be grateful the Republicans seem to favor Romney. He is no match for President Obama. No doubt Romney will put his foot in his mouth again. When the campaign trail heats up, he will succumb to the pressure and say something so outrageous, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the GOP to overcome.

Romney is who he is. No amount of campaign spin can change that. He can pretend to be like the average American but he's not and that's apparent in his actions; he seems so uncomfortable sometimes.

Anyhoo, the real question is, do American voters dislike President Obama so much that they will hold their collective noses and vote for a candidate like Mitt Romney who will continue the decimation of the middle-class? That would be masochistic but stranger things have happened in American politics.

Rick Santorum: Race, Wealth and Dog Whistle Politics

As the Republican 2012 Presidential Campaign heats up, each day is more disturbing than the day before. It’s not just Rick Santorum, all of the remaining candidates, yes, ALL, are so blatantly hateful and divisive if feels as if we’re are living in the Fifties. It’s a shame when any candidate uses race, fear and lies to get elected. 

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The motivation for these candidates is green - money. They couldn’t care less about the average American regardless of ethnicity and gender. They prey upon the fears and biases of voters. It doesn’t matter if the politician is black or white, it’s wrong.


Photo of the Day: Who runs this house?

I took this photo in color and then edited it to black & white using iPhoto. This is Xena. She thinks she runs our family's house and everyone is to serve her needs. I don't think so. In this photo, she was trying to figure out the camera.  Needless to say, she was not a happy camper. 


Photo of the Day: Recharge Needed

Day 3 - 01/04/2012

I have been running on fumes for the last month or so. Tonight is my night to recharge.