Bill Press on Newt Gingrich: He's Not a Great Debater [VIDEO]
Romney Wins Big in Florida, Then Steps In It!

Florida Votes Today!

Today is Election Day in Florida. Voters throughout the State, who have not already voted early or via absentee ballot, will go to the polls today. It is the Presidential Preference Primary for registered Republicans but there are other items on the ballot in counties throughout the State.

The Republican race in Florida, is really down to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. They have beat up on each other in interviews and via advertisements. The momentum appears to be in Romney's favor with many established Republicans supporting his candidacy. Gingrich says he's in for the long haul even if Romney takes Florida. Romney has spent five times more than Gingrich and has the backing of high-profile Republicans, so one would expect him to be ahead by a larger margin than the polls indicate.

Regardless of who the winner is in this race in Florida, the negative campaigning has been despicable. With so many lies and partial truths being told, once again, I suggest you do your own research or consult with someone you trust is objective. Up next, Nevada!