Rick Santorum: Race, Wealth and Dog Whistle Politics
Dethroning Mitt

Romney, Wealth and the Presidential Campaign

If you believe many of the pundits of American politics, Willard Mitt Romney will be the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee --- until now.

Romney continues to show who he really is and for whom he will really advocate --- the wealthy. Romney has shown, in several instances, how he is totally out of touch with most Americans of all political affiliations.

He has insulted the American public by basically accusing them of being jealous of him because he's wealthy. He has laughed about firing workers and cavalierly made a $10,000 bet as if it was only $1.

To make matters worse, when pressed about the income taxes he pays, he says he pays around 15 %. He also says he donated his speaking fees, which were "not that much". His reported speaking fees are over $374,000. Wow, this is the favored Republican presidential candidate?

The Democrats should be grateful the Republicans seem to favor Romney. He is no match for President Obama. No doubt Romney will put his foot in his mouth again. When the campaign trail heats up, he will succumb to the pressure and say something so outrageous, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the GOP to overcome.

Romney is who he is. No amount of campaign spin can change that. He can pretend to be like the average American but he's not and that's apparent in his actions; he seems so uncomfortable sometimes.

Anyhoo, the real question is, do American voters dislike President Obama so much that they will hold their collective noses and vote for a candidate like Mitt Romney who will continue the decimation of the middle-class? That would be masochistic but stranger things have happened in American politics.