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Mitt Romney Wins Arizona and Michigan

More jobs, less debt and smaller government. Restoring America's promise. That's the mantra from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It sounds like a good message to some Americans and is questionable to others.

If we, as Americans, don't remember the state of the nation President George W. Bush left us with, then we deserve the America that will be restored. Whether we're listening to President Obama, any one of the remaining GOP presidential candidates, or any elected official in our hometown, if we don't exercise critical thinking and vote accordingly, we are up the creek without the proverbial paddle for sure.

Mitt Romney won the Arizona and Michigan primaries last night. He didn't win with overwhelming victories and has still failed to connect with the typical American. His message is still about helping America's wealthy and reinstating business policy agreements that caused our country's leadership to have to bailout our banking and automobile industries.

He will also not balance the nation's budget. It sounds good but it's not practical nor realistic. Too much pain would be heaped upon the 99% to make that happen.

This political season is so very interesting. It has all the drama, comedy and fighting of any television reality show. Stay tuned.

P.S. Note to the Rick Santorum camp, check the demographics, the college-educated snobs voted for Mitt Romney.