Florida Votes Today!
Who do You prefer as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee?

Romney Wins Big in Florida, Then Steps In It!


Mitt Romney cleaned the clock of Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in certain areas of Florida when the votes were counted on Tuesday. In the parts of Florida that represent the old, traditional South, Gingrich carried those areas. Suffice it to say, the Republican conservative base is still not excited and accepting of a Romney presidency.

The campaigning in Florida was brutal and very nasty. It will be worse during the General Election phase of this campaign. Romney has enough money to continue to buy victory in this campaign. Gingrich maintains he in until the Republican Convention in Tampa. He also thumbed his nose at the Republican establishment.

As Romney was taking his victory lap, a portion of his interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, went viral and not in a good way for him. Romney said he wasn't concerned about the very poor. I’m showing an extended version of the faux pas where he tries to clean it up but it’s too late. 

Pay attention and remain engaged in this presidential campaign, it will become more and more interesting as the cycle progresses. Peace.