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Throwback Thursday: A Tribute to My Favorite Aunt

Everyday is Mother's Day

MamasdaycardHappy Mother’s Day to all women who are birth mothers, adopted mothers and aunts, sisters or guardian angels protecting and nurturing others. Rather than waiting for this particular day to show your love and appreciation for these women, do it every chance you get. 

I’m one of those people who prefers to leave christmas decorations up all year long because I believe everyday is Christmas. I feel the same about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many of the other commercialized holidays that have manipulated us down through the years. Today, like many others, I miss my mother and my daughter who have already transitioned. I am extremely grateful for the phone calls and messages from friends, relatives and the “children” I have unofficially adopted along the way.

If your mother is still here in the natural and you can visit her, please do. If distance is a problem, please call her. Do it today and everyday you can. Everyday is a holiday.