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Fake Romney Money Photo Goes Viral

There is a photo and several articles floating around the Internet about it that allegedly shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a photo with his family who are wearing t-shirts that misspell their last name. Instead of ROMNEY, the family allegedly makes a Freudian slip and spells RMONEY. Okay, insert “greedy filthy rich guy” jokes now.

Many people think Mitt Romney is so arrogant, greedy and not smart that he would knowingly pose for such a photo. Wow. I am no Mitt Romney fan but this RMONEY photo is as believable as that hoax that Romney said he can relate to the black community because his family owned slaves. Mitt Romney has done much damage to himself based on his real actions, it’s not necessary to create false gaffes.

This picture has been photoshopped.

This is the original picture of Romney and the Fisher family that was taken by Gerald Herbert.