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Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll adds fuel to sex scandal fire


Jennifer Carroll

 A former aide to Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll claims to have caught the Lt. Gov. in a sexually compromising position with another female staffer. The messy situation, which also has elements of illegal recording of conversations and possible arson charges, just got worse as Carroll made some of the most airheaded or most asinine comments about black women, married women and lesbianism.

What did Carroll say? Well, she actually giggled and said “Black women that look like me, don’t engage in relationships like that.” Her prior statement was that she has been married for 29 years and her accuser is the one that has been single for a long time. Whoa...So, let me get this straight, black lesbian and bisexual women are single and unattractive. Wow, Jennifer. Really?


The Lt. Gov. is right to defend herself if the allegation is untrue. If the allegation is true, that's her personal business, let her deal with it with her husband. One thing is certain, she has done herself a tremendous disservice by revealing how narcissistic, prejudice and out of touch she is. If she ever thought she would become Florida’s first black governor and first female governor, she can kiss those possible historic firsts good-bye.


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