Romney Picks Ryan: There goes the safety net!

Democratic Convention Off to a Rousing Start


DNC 2012
Florida delegation on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, September 4, 2012, Charlotte, NC.


The first night of the Democratic National Convention was awesome, inspiring and electrifying. If this is how the Dems start off, then Thursday evening’s culminating activities should be mind blowing.

You know, sometimes events and people can be so hyped up that it’s humanly impossible to deliver at such a highly anticipated level. Well, that was not the case last night. From First Lady Michelle Obama to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to Lily Ledbetter to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and many others, the first night set the tone.

The Democrats successfully presented a picture of America and the diversity of Americans. The Democratic National Convention did not seem contrived, as did the Republican National Convention. There was a nice mixture of speakers we knew and speakers who were novices to the national spotlight, it all seemed organic.

After all the speeches are completed and President Obama accepts his Party’s nomination Thursday night, the reality is that the Democratic Party has to register voters in spite of what appears to be successful voter suppressive laws. Moreover, they must get voters out to vote. There’s a lot for the Democrats to do. There’s little time in which to do it. 


Photo:  Keenan Austin