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Here We Go Again: Stand Your Ground Law Used to Defend Shooting Death of Black Teen

George Zimmerman selling his autograph to raise money for his defense fund and Michael Dunn leaving the scene of the crime after fatally shooting teenager Jordan Davis over loud music speak to tremendous problems in the U.S., especially Florida.

Race relations? Profiling black males? Gun control? Road rage?

The Davis case has already been likened to that of Trayvon Martin, the Miami Gardens teen shot and killed by George Zimmerman while the teen was visiting Sanford, FL earlier this year.

Davis's mother doesn't want her son's murder to be considered a hate crime. Michael Dunn, a gun collector, has already used the "stand your ground" law as his defense.

Here we go again. Another teenage black male shot and killed by an older white male. This case will take on its own energy. People will be outraged and rightfully so.

It's a stretch to use stand your ground to fire multiple shots into unarmed occupants in a vehicle and then drive home, 160 miles away from the scene of the crime.

My heart goes out to Jordan Davis's parents and loved ones. It is unfortunate that he died for such a foolish reason. I do hope the folks on Gov. Rick Scott's task force on the Stand Your Ground Law are paying attention to this case and have the law is being used

Is this how they want the law to be applied? I think not.

Giving Thanks

Today, as in everyday of my life, I give Thanks for family, friends and the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. I am Thankful for the good times that have made me feel loved or appreciated. I am Thankful for the bad times that have made me feel loved or appreciated and taught to be strong. Most of all, I am Thankful for life, strength, health and the love of helping others. To God be the glory. Amen.

The Two Faces of Mitt Romney [VIDEO]

This video is a reminder of the flip-flopping and outright lies of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. His campaign has been divisive, chauvinistic and un-American. He has proven that with a straight face, he will say and do anything to win. 

Check out this video mash-up of the two faces of Mitt Romney.