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Ok, all my friends know I am totally geeked when it comes to Apple products. I was a Crackberry addict for many years and a shift due to the convenience of accessing my work emails on the iPhone and I've not looked back at BlackBerry phones. Sorry, RIM.

I learned quickly not to get too attached or go ga-ga over my Apple devices. As soon as I purchased one, a newer version would be released shortly thereafter. Thus far I've resisted the urge to purchase each iteration of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. It's difficult not to but I have. I really want the iPhone 5 but the difference in the screen size and better screen resolution are not enough to make me upgrade my iPhone 4S. I've updated the operating system software and I hope that holds me until May or June when the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is rumored to be released.

Then I saw this really cool iPhone 5 commercial starring the Williams sisters - Venus and Serena. I continue to remind myself that May and June are just arround the corner and I can wait for the new iPhone. I did the same thing until I saw that Samuel L. Jackson iPhone 4S/Siri ad. Lord, give me strength.