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Father's Day Reflections

Fight for Education

Parents, please do all you can to improve the schools in your neighborhood and keep your children in school. Please do not allow them to drop out or be kicked out of school.

It was recently reported that 23 schools in the Philadelphia public school system will be closed. More than 80% of the students affected are black. What is most egregious is the fact that while those 23 schools are being closed, $400 million is being spent to build a prison.

Scheduled to be completed in 2015, the new prison’s cell blocks and classroom will also be capable of housing 5,000 inmates. There will also be facilities for female inmates, the mentally ill and a death row population.

What's the message here? We don't want your children to be educated we want them to be incarcerated and we eventually want you eliminated. Closing so many schools while building a prison is beyond shameful and we are far too quiet about it.

Now is not the time to give up on our children and just allow them to fend for themselves or let the chips to fall where they may. We must advocate for our children. We must do all we can to love them, protect them and give them opportunities for the best life possible.

Photo: Black Youth Project

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