Donald Trump and White Shame
Let's REALLY Start "Draining the Swamp"

Still Woke: The Media is Not the Enemy of the People


Wait a minute. You cavalierly give alternative facts, won’t show your income taxes; block news outlets you don’t like, squander the public’s money going home every weekend, blatantly make money off your new elected office and we are supposed to believe you? I think not. 

Some of us are woke and still want to know more about your bromance with Putin too. Some of us know you are really helping your wealthy buddies while you pretend to be for the American people. 

I was born at night but not last night. 

The American public is NOT falling for your attempt to make the media the enemy. This is still America. You are the enemy of the American people. Your inexperience and arrogance are showing. We will resist and destroy your authoritarian regime. Believe that. 


P.S.  Dude, just stop already. Govern. Stop complaining. Stop campaigning.