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Obama’s Smackdown of CNN’s Ed Henry

You know, I'm leery of folks who are too nice, too sweet or too cool. I think they're volcanoes that may erupt at any moment and are difficult to calm down. I'm not saying they're crazy or anything like that just that they may not be able to control their anger once their button is pushed.

I've had those concerns about our nation's president. It seemed all too unreal that he didn't go off on someone --- pick any of a number of folks --- who tried to anger him during the campaign. There were some times when a couple of Democrats and a few Republicans seemed to deserve a pimp slap, if you ask me. But our President played it cool. He also stayed on message and his strategy was successful.

There were a couple of moments during debates when it was obvious that he's no pushover but he still seemed too reserved to me. I understand the rationale. I get it. He couldn't play the angry black man role and he didn't. I think some folks got that twisted.

Enter one CNN reporter Ed Henry who felt the obviously controlled wrath of President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. I shudder every time I hear/see that exchange and the President's response. President Obama gave one of those looks that your mama gave you when you were a little kid in church and you're moving around too much or talking too much or heaven forbid, chewing gum.

Some folks in mainstream media have tried to paint the President having lost his cool during the press conference; I think not. He was so cool that he was borderline frozen. Do you need to see that look again?

If anyone doubted that the president was tough enough; last night should have sent a different message. I don't think we would want to be on the receiving end of when and if he does lose his cool.

In the meantime; I'm glad the exchange occurred between and Ed Henry. Let that be a lesson for the next press conference. You know Ed Henry has taken some ribbing from his colleagues and probably got chewed out by his bosses. What's done is done. Now, don't try any of that shoe-throwing business with this President, OK?

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Rupert Murdoch's Apology

OK, media mogul Rupert Murdoch apologized for the New York Post chimpanzee editorial cartoon. Since Murdoch is infamously known for NOT apologizing and NOT succumbing to external pressure, the apology is a major coup.

I respect Murdoch for making the public apology but some civil rights activists are still keeping the pressure on Murdoch and the New York Post. 

You see, the Murdoch apology, when finally made, was several days late. It would have been more effective and better received had he apologized right away. Instead, the insulting comments by Post editor Col Allan fueled the protest fire while Murdoch did nothing to stop it.

Speaking of Allan, if Murdoch really wanted to make a statement about racial sensitivity, he’d fire Allan with the quickness but he hasn't.

Since the Murdoch apology came days after the Post’s media drubbing and their parent company’s stock dropped, perhaps the apology was empty and only driven by economics.


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New York Post Chimpanzee Editorial Cartoon: Still Looking for the Humor

Sharpton-lee The furor over the New York Post chimpanzee editorial cartoon is far from over for me. You see, I was immediately angered by it for several reasons; its racist connotation being one of them.

I observed executives from the Post attempt to deflect the backlash from the cartoon to protest leader, Rev. Al Sharpton. I don’t always agree with the Reverend but that was just wrong on their part. I also heard their so-called apology and learned of the company’s internal turmoil because of the cartoon.

I tried to understand the perspective of folks, even blacks, who thought the cartoon wasn’t as bad as the publicity that exploded around it. I still wasn’t able to make that stretch. I really tired objectivity but it is what it is.

You know, even if you don’t think the cartoon was racist, there was no humor to be made of a woman tragically disfigured by a chimpanzee and the death of that chimpanzee. There was no humor in two police officers shooting an animal. Was the animal a representation of President Obama? Perhaps it was supposed represent Nancy Pelosi or even Congress. It's just wrong.

There have been calls for the firing of the Post’s editor. I support that unequivocally. I also support the demand for a real public apology from the New York Post.

It was pointed out that President Obama and New York Gov. Paterson did not make a big deal of the situation. Gov. Paterson accepted the Post’s apology. Well, my response to that is, “Did you expect them to go Eric Holder and say what they really feel? I think not.”

This situation could be over quickly. The Post’s lame attempt at an apology is far more acquiescence than they’ve offered in the past. I do hope the NAACP and other civil rights organizations will not cave under the pressure.

Rev. Sharpton’s spotlight on the media influence is an issue that definitely deserves more coverage but by which media outlet since he owns so many.



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Happy Birthday, Dr. King...Is this a birthday present or what?


Today is the day this country celebrates the birth of one of this country’s most famous leaders, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This year’s King Holiday celebration is more significant as we are also in the midst of celebrating the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America.

The Obama presidency is a tremendous gift to the legacy of Dr. King but not just because Obama is black but by virtue of the fact that Obama has re-ignited the American spirit and called for unity in working for the good for the nation. The rainbow of people who elected Barack Obama to the highest position in the free world and the people celebrating his inauguration would be pleasing to Dr. King.

Every march, sit-in, arrest and day Dr. King endured in jail has brought this country to where it is today and I am grateful for Dr. King’s commitment to fighting for the rights of black Americans and others treated unfairly.

The election of Barack Obama as president is not the fulfillment of King’s dream but it is definitely a step in the right direction. We are so very proud of this nation but there is still much to be done to achieve equality for all.

Let’s continue in the spirit of Dr. King and do our part to continue to make this nation better for our children, our children’s children and generations to come. Happy Birthday, Dr. King. Thank you.  



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I’ve Been Obamacized!


I saw this feature over on Linda Sama’s site and just had to give it a try. Now I’ve been officially Obamacized. Check it out. It’s fun and I may use it as my avatar from time to time.

Your turn for your Obama icon!


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Obama’s Gift to the Folks at BlackBerry and the Windows Switch

It seems that in a few more days, President-elect Barack Obama will have to give up his trusty BlackBerry for a humongous Windows-based gadget. While the folks at RIM (Research in Motion) are happy for the free publicity that Obama has provided their company through his chronicled obsession for their product, quite frankly, they'd be pleased if he actually stopped using it now.

Why? Well, quite simply, their system becomes the target of hackers from other countries. Who wants their security system constantly under attack, right?

Anyhoo, it seems that all the Obama-BlackBerry coverage has been valued at $50-$100 MM. The Obama effect on merchandise sales has totally eclipsed the madness of an Oprah endorsement. Ben's Chili Bowl probably can't keep enough chili and hot dogs. It's incredible.


Obama's New Smartphone

(Click photo for more info.)



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Year 2008 in Review by Uncle Jay

I never heard of Uncle Jay until a friend shared this video. Uncle Jay has a series of videos similar to this one.




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Blagojevich Controversy Goes Racial [POLL]

You can say what you like about embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, but his appointment of Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama was a brilliant move.

As expected, race has come to the forefront of this situation and Blagojevich can just sit back and watch the Democratic Party leaders squirm while tries to save himself. Now that President-elect Obama has gone on record siding with Democrat senate leaders, this political circus will continue.

It’s unfortunate that this situation has come to this; the people of Illinois are the real losers.

Putting the RNC Chip Saltsman CD Controversy in Perspective

When I saw the tweet from Don Lemon of CNN about the RNC (Republican National Committee) releasing the “Barack the Magic Negro” song, my first thought was --- What’s the big deal? That’s so last year. Then when Lemon sent us non-believers a link to more info on the issue, the reason for the hoopla became apparent.


It seems that Chip Saltsman, a candidate for chair of the RNC sent out a CD with that song on it. I think I sent Lemon a tweet with something about Saltsman being SOS --- Stuck On Stupid.

My position on Saltsman hasn’t changed but we should step back and look at the situation from different perspective. I think many in the mainstream media did this story and their viewers or readers a disservice. The focus of the reporting of Saltsman’s faux pas is on the Magic Negro song but it’s my understanding that there are 41 songs on the CD.

Rather than focusing on the Magic Negro song, how about equal reporting on the cut titled Star Spanglish Banner? Are we to be lead to believe that the GOP are insensitive bastards only regarding blacks? I don’t think so.

In this post-racial soon-to-be-lead-by-Barack-Obama nation in which we live, the truth is that folks like Saltsman and those who defend him really find no fault in that compilation of supposed parody. “You people are too sensitive. Can’t you take a joke?” Yadda…yadda…yadda.

Speaking of those defending Saltsman, enter one Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, also candidate for RNC Chair. Blackwell condemns the hypersensitivity to race. Blackwell is black. Other black Republicans may not publicly protest the distribution of the CD, but clearly understand the heat they will take from other blacks for their political affiliation.


So, where’s the outrage from Latinos about the Star Spanglish Banner foolishness? It’s difficult to find comedy in the mean-spirited words and images of that song.

This is funny.


Well, when all is said and done, we really shouldn’t be surprised by this latest incident from Republican leaders. They are just being true to themselves.  Does that reflect the position of all Republicans? Of course not. Will the Republican Party suffer because of this? Of course, it will. But, here’s a safe bet – Chip Saltsman will not be RNC Chair.

The Rodney Blagojevich Scandal and Why Jesse Jr. Needs to Shut Up!

Trib OK, so I knew very little about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich prior to his stance with the takeover of the Republic Windows and Doors plant by fired workers. Now that his indiscretions have been made public, we get to know way more than we want about his background and relationships. Excuse me, this guy appears to have been sheisty deisty for quite some time; it’s not really news.

I’m not going to regurgitate everything I’ve heard and read about this guy but let me just say that he is a piece of work if there ever was one. His lack of finesse is astounding and an insult to Mafioso everywhere. What’s with this guy and his wife?

I mean to shakedown a children’s hospital is about as low as you can go. Then to try to finagle jobs and board appointments for the wife is there no limit? Oh, yeah, there was a request regarding his wife’s real estate license and helping the Chicago Tribune sell Wrigley Field. Heck, Gov. Blago probably has boosted The Trib’s sales with this “pay for play” scandal.

Then there’s the selling of President-elect Obama’s former senate seat to the highest bidder. There were six candidate for the seat according to published reports. Allegedly Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett, Candidate #1. Allegedly, she removed herself from the running after Blago did his sales pitch.

Then there are a few other folks whose identity is speculative and there’s Candidate # 5 --- Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Jesse Jr. made no secret of his desire to be appointed to Obama’s old seat. Would he promise Blago a half million dollars for the senate seat? Hmmmm....inquiring minds want to know.

Jackson should have played it cool rather than go the press conference route and talk way too much as he precisely did. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Hello, what happened to Jackson’s advisers?

Jackson should have allowed the situation to play itself out. Folks who think he’s guilty of agreeing to pay for the appointment will feel that way regardless. The more Jackson spoke, the more his body language worked to his disadvantage.

One thing is certain is that the calls for his resignation will be just that. Blago needs his position and knowledge of other corrupt folks as bargaining chips. Folks who may have something to hide are shaking in their boots.

This situation will get worse before it gets better. Blago is not going down alone. Let’s see who else gets caught in the web.




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