Charlie Crist Feed

Florida Waiting for Governor’s Decision on Senate Run

Crist Florida Gov. Charlie Crist must make good on a promise to announce his decision on running for the U.S. Senate. He promised to wait to make the announcement after this year's Legislative Session. Well, after an extended Session that resulted in few moments of delight; the time is now.

Crist, a popular Republican governor, is seen as a likely frontrunner in a race that already includes fellow Republican Former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio and Democrats Kevin Burns, Mayor of North Miami; State Senator Dan Gelber and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek.

You may recall Gov. Crist on the short list for VP for John McCain. One criticism was his bachelor status; well, he's married now. Crist definitely has that Kennedy charisma that the GOP desperately needs and can easily be seen as the top of the GOP's presidential ticket in the near future --- maybe 2012 or better yet, 2016.

Well, the speculation should end this week --- perhaps as early as tomorrow. If Crist decides to get in the Senate race, some already announced candidates would likely resign from the race. Only time will tell. It would also open up an interesting race for the Governor's seat.