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Barack Obama’s Excellent Adventure

It's almost midnight and I'm watching Senator Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida at a rally of I don't know how many people but there are a lot of them. As usual, it's a rainbow coalition and the energy transcends the television screen.

There is no way, unless there is finagling, that McCain-Palin can win this election. Not unless there is foolishness involved, does logic not tell me that Americans overwhelmingly support Obama-Biden. Voters are out in record numbers here in Florida. Polling hours have been extended, young people are voting in numbers never expected, registered Democrats outnumber Republicans and the Obama-Biden Team is campaigning as if they are 20 points behind. They are calling and canvassing neighborhoods to get people to the polls to cast their ballots. Did I mention the team of lawyers who are manning the polls to address any problems that voters may have? This is serious, y'all.

Obama started this evening with that highly anticipated infomercial that was unbelievable. There is no way that anyone with a heart could not have been touched by that presentation of the Obama platform through vignettes on Americans coping with our troubling economy, health care needs, broken promises of funding retirement and improvements needed in education.

I'm not saying that John McCain should throw in the towel but I do sense the continued implosion of his campaign as the November 4th voting date approaches. As McCain continues to try the failed kitchen sink strategy deployed by the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign during the primary phase, he appears more desperate and less presidential.

We are less than 6 days away from making history. We are not measuring drapes for the White House but we are confident that Americans will do the right thing and vote for change that we all need in America.



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Think you can write whatever you want on your blog? Think again.

A Miami real estate agent lost his job Monday after postings on his blog sparked a $25 million defamation lawsuit by a developer. Yes, $25 million. Read more about it here. Do you think this litigation will spark other lawsuits?

FedEx Employees Win Discrimination Lawsuit

Last month, FedEx Express, the overnight delivery unit of FedEx Corp., agreed to a $55 million settlement in a discrimination lawsuit filed by Black and Latino employees in the western United States. For article on lawsuit, click here. If you want to read the technical legal stuff, click here.

After all is said and done, on average, the more than 22,000 FedEx employees may receive a couple of thousand dollars each. The lawyers already get $15 million plus administrative costs. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't refuse a couple of thousand dollars but there's definitely something wrong with that picture.

If you live in America and you only speak English, you need a wake-up call

I live in Miami where it seems that almost everyone is from somewhere else and still claim their native country as their own even if they are citizens of the USA. It's somewhat strange and Tom Tancredo raised the ire of many when he called Miami a third-world country not too long ago. Hmmmm….let's not go there.

Miami is really a great place when folks are not claiming allegiance to some ethnic group or country other than America, to the detriment of others. Miami is like a vacation to any foreign country of your choosing without actually leaving the area. You can taste the foods, dance to music or hear the native tongue of folks from countries around the world.

All this is enjoyed by those open to all that Miami has to offer. Far too often though, folks are too much into their own culture and unwilling to truly appreciate others. Children can grow up in their neighborhood and never venture far from its boundaries. That's a shame.

For Black American children it's more of a shame because many grow up in a monolingual household with little or no opportunity to prepare them for a multilingual world. Rather than stand around waving the American flag as if speaking a foreign language is an assault on democracy, make sure you and your children can communicate in another language.

In Miami, blacks can get caught up in the issue of speaking Spanish. I say, don't be so short-sighted, the real concern is not Spanish, it's whatever language that's being spoken in India; that's were a significant percentage of American jobs are being outsourced to.

In case you need a wake-up call, read The World is Flat. It's all about globalization and how we'll survive in the future. Don't trip out and get angry, just do something progressive. Our American education system must change---No Child Left Behind does not work--- and our consciousness must change if we are to adequately prepare Americans to survive, thrive and prosper.

Think Before You Blog: How MySpace, FaceBook and 360 Can Keep You from that Dream Job or Get You Fired!

In light of my previous post on the Avery Doninger's lawsuit against her school's administration because of comments on her personal blog, have you ever thought about how what you post on the internet can keep you from getting the job you want. If you already have a job, blogging can get you fired.

Check out this article "To Blog or Not to Blog?". Some points are just common sense --- yes, your prospective employer may Google your name. If you're already employed, it's probably not a good idea to blast your employer. Oh yeah, applying for college should be given the same consideration as applying for a job.

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