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Putting the RNC Chip Saltsman CD Controversy in Perspective

When I saw the tweet from Don Lemon of CNN about the RNC (Republican National Committee) releasing the “Barack the Magic Negro” song, my first thought was --- What’s the big deal? That’s so last year. Then when Lemon sent us non-believers a link to more info on the issue, the reason for the hoopla became apparent.


It seems that Chip Saltsman, a candidate for chair of the RNC sent out a CD with that song on it. I think I sent Lemon a tweet with something about Saltsman being SOS --- Stuck On Stupid.

My position on Saltsman hasn’t changed but we should step back and look at the situation from different perspective. I think many in the mainstream media did this story and their viewers or readers a disservice. The focus of the reporting of Saltsman’s faux pas is on the Magic Negro song but it’s my understanding that there are 41 songs on the CD.

Rather than focusing on the Magic Negro song, how about equal reporting on the cut titled Star Spanglish Banner? Are we to be lead to believe that the GOP are insensitive bastards only regarding blacks? I don’t think so.

In this post-racial soon-to-be-lead-by-Barack-Obama nation in which we live, the truth is that folks like Saltsman and those who defend him really find no fault in that compilation of supposed parody. “You people are too sensitive. Can’t you take a joke?” Yadda…yadda…yadda.

Speaking of those defending Saltsman, enter one Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, also candidate for RNC Chair. Blackwell condemns the hypersensitivity to race. Blackwell is black. Other black Republicans may not publicly protest the distribution of the CD, but clearly understand the heat they will take from other blacks for their political affiliation.


So, where’s the outrage from Latinos about the Star Spanglish Banner foolishness? It’s difficult to find comedy in the mean-spirited words and images of that song.

This is funny.


Well, when all is said and done, we really shouldn’t be surprised by this latest incident from Republican leaders. They are just being true to themselves.  Does that reflect the position of all Republicans? Of course not. Will the Republican Party suffer because of this? Of course, it will. But, here’s a safe bet – Chip Saltsman will not be RNC Chair.

No Excuses for Ashley Todd

By now you've heard about the foolishness caused by the false report of an assault on a young, female John McCain supporter. The young lady, a Caucasian, reported that she had been attacked by a black man. Not your average-sized black man but a 6feet 4 inch dark-skinned black man. Now if that's not said to scare the hell out of white women and piss white men off, I don't know what is.

But, in this "post-racial" world that we live in, there will be other incidents such as this. The reality of the aftermath of Ms. Todd's lie is that somewhere in the Philadelphia area where this attack allegedly occurred, black mothers were trying to get their sons home and pray that they were safe from the cops and vigilantes looking for revenge for the victimized Ms. Todd.    

Ms. Todd obviously has some psychological issues but she doesn't get a pass for telling a lie and bruising herself. This false accusation crap is old and tired but obviously still effective. How many of you still remember the uproar caused by Susan Smith and Charles Stuart?

While the McCain-Palin campaign doesn't condone such actions by Ms. Todd, they must realize that this is the type of hatred stoked by the flavor of their town hall meetings.

Thankfully, law enforcement doubted Ms. Todd's story from the outset. There could have been a completely different and violent reaction but there wasn't. On the other hand The Drudge Report and did but into it and were forced to apologize later.

What happens next with Ashley Todd? I say she needs to be incarcerated for several years and be forced to pay restitution for the cost of law enforcement and other incidentals.


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Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy is Black?

OK, people, is this for real? A young black man has recorded the video below claiming to be the real father of Bristol Palin's baby. I can't see how this could be true because it requires way too much subterfuge to explain away a black baby, give the child to someone else or some other foolishness.

If this is not true, can't this guy be sued? What say you?

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Reporting While Black: Journalist singled out and booted from McCain rally

Of course the McCain camp was quick to apologize to Tallahassee Democrat reporter Stephen Price for the treatment he received at a recent McCain rally in Panama City, FL. Once again, I am embarrassed by another Florida news story.

It seems that Price was the only black among four reporters backstage at the McCain rally. Price was asked by Secret Service if he was with the national media and he answered no. He was asked to leave, security issues, I surmise, because we can't pull out that race card, right? When Price pointed out that the other three reporters were not with the national media, they were allowed to stay. Credentials be damned, Price had to go. It's time to throw down the race card in that situation.

Of the three remaining white reporters, Dara Kam of the Palm Beach Post came to Price's defense and she was told to leave also --- so much for helping a fellow journalist.

As expected, the McCain camp called Price and apologized. As expected, Price accepted the apology. Unfortunately for McCain, he will now be called a racist and this incident used to support that position. It's karma. Remember the charges leveled at Senator Obama because of the edited words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Well, this story will travel the internet and dominate conversations among blacks for sure.

McCain already has done himself little favor and defense with such a non-diverse support base and his highly speculated list of potential running mates --- all white and male. The largely Republican North Florida area of the State will not likely allow Stephen Price and his employer, The Tallahassee Democrat --- to make a big deal about his mis-treatment by McCain's Secret Service security detail.

How will MSM report this situation? How many times will this story be run on television and radio?

The Audacity of The New Yorker: Obama, Racism, Fear-Mongering and Lies

All hell broke loose this morning when this cover of the famed New Yorker magazine depicted and played to the fears of many who have proclaimed that they will not vote for Barack Obama. The magazine also had the audacity to try to pooh-pooh the damage this inflicts on the Obama campaign and refer to this trash of a cover as satire.

OK, and exactly who is expected to believe that crap? If the truth be told, the folks that think Barack Obama is not patriotic because he didn't salute the flag or those who think he's Muslim because his middle name is Hussein or those who are bothered by the straightforwardness of Michelle Obama are just not going to vote for him plain and simple.

Anyone following the campaign knows that the photo of Barack without his hand over his heart was a photo taken while the Star Spangled Banner was playing, not the Pledge of Allegiance. The question should be why the others have their hand over their heart. Some folks just feel the need to smear Obama and that lie still lingers.

Barack Obama is not a Muslim; he's said it so many times that it should be clear to all voters and I think it is. The folks who want to say that Obama is a Muslim will likely NOT change their position no matter what he said or did.

As far as Michelle Obama is concerned, she is an intelligent wife, mother, and professional woman. She is from the mold of the television character, Claire Huxtable, also a wife, mother, and lawyer. If you recall, Claire was very direct and sometimes that made some folks uncomfortable too. If you have your act together, you should find Michelle Obama bright, articulate and engaging.

To add insult to injury about The New Yorker cover, several news commentators tried to minimize the damage done by this cover. One commentator even condemned The New Yorker subscribers who are cancelling their subscription. Cancelling a subscription is the expected response to such a disgraceful cover from The New Yorker.

The folks at The New Yorker are intelligent enough to know that this cover was not funny and would damage Obama's campaign. Some folks should be fired for allowing such a cover to be printed. What say you?

Will Venus and Serena be Forced to ‘Denounce and Reject’ their Dad?

According to reports from The Miami Herald, Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena, is a loose-cannon. The latest comments attributed to Williams are particularly controversial in light of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright drama of late.

In an interview with the Deccan Herald while in India for the Bangalore Open, Papa Williams said, ``The white man hated me all my life and I hate him. That's no secret. I'm not even an American, it just so happens I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don't think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little white no-good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great.''

OK. Let's see who goes on the next national apology tour after those statements. In spite of the rest of the quote, you know white people are more ticked that he referred to Chrissy Evert as "little white no-good trasher."

Is Richard Williams on medication? I can't imagine what he was thinking when he went off like that. Some of what he said about the treatment Venus and Serena endure is true but was personalizing Evert and Austin necessary? Venus and Serena had better prepare to denounce, reject, repudiate or do something for damage control in this situation.


Florida Legislator Pushes Bill for Confederate License Plate

There will be hell to pay in Florida if Rep. Don Brown, R-DeFuniak Springs, continues his fight for a specialty license tag in honor of the state's "confederate heritage". Yeah, that means the tag would proudly display the confederate flag.

To make matters worse, in spite of the pain that flag symbolizes you know what Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's response was when he was asked to weigh in on it?



Excuse me, Gov. Crist that was the wrong answer. What about denouncing the pain the symbol represents? What about concern for how the potential controversy would affect the state? 'Let's see if it goes anywhere' is an insult to blacks. Perhaps the governor has been campaigning with John McCain too long. What's that crashing sound in the background? That would be the governor's approval rating.

Sure, there are folks that won't let go of the Confederate past and couldn't care less about the effect of the flag on blacks or anyone else for that matter. This is one issue that will quietly not go away. The Republican Party will not want to be at center of this controversy and totally tank a GOP presidential candidate's opportunity to win in November but that's about to happen folks.

I have already begun to contact my family and friends throughout Florida to be prepared to fight this issue. The legislation is identified as HB 1007. The NAACP and other organizations will weigh-in and it could get ugly.

There's another perspective on this issue that says let them sell the flag so the racists can be easily identified. What do you think?

AlterNet Names Imus Enablers

Don 'Nappy Headed Ho's' Imus Is Ba-a-ack -- and So Are His Enablers

By Rory O'Connor, AlterNet. Posted November 19, 2007.

It didn't take long for Don Imus' Big Media and Big Politics enablers to crawl out of the woodwork and embrace the shock jock all over again. With a list of Imus's top 10 enablers.

Don Imus's Top Ten Enablers

  1. James Carville, CNN, analyst, ex-presidential advisor
  2. Bob Kerrey, New School president, former senator and former Democratic presidential candidate
  3. Rudy Giuliani, Republican presidential candidate, former mayor
  4. Sen. John McCain, Republican presidential candidate
  5. Gov. Bill Richardson, Democratic presidential candidate
  6. Tim Russert, NBC News anchor
  7. Frank Rich, New York Times columnist
  8. Sam Tanenhaus, New York Times editor
  9. Jeff Greenfield, CBS News analyst
  10. Howard Kurtz, Washington Post and CNN media commentator

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Don't forget that the sponsors of Imus' radio show are enablers also.

Blogging for Darfur

There's a lot of madness in the world and sometimes it can be overwhelming. With so many people in need, how and when do you just say I give up…throw in the towel…retreat to your own world and close out the rest?

As human beings, we can't do that and continue to be blessed by our Creator. As such, today several bloggers have taken on the subject of Darfur. Surely you've seen photos and commercials about the thousands of lives that have been lost either through war or starvation or disease or murder.

How thousands of lives can be lost without action by the United Nations or the United States is sad and shameful. The government and janjaweed faction's fight with native rebels has wreaked havoc upon the people of Darfur.

Yes, there are people in the U.S. that need help as much as those in Darfur. How can we sit idly by while millions continue to be made refugees and thousands are raped and murdered? Too many more just die from starvation; this must stop. We've wasted gazillions of dollars and thousands of lives in Iraq supposedly in the name of democracy, there's no excuse for us not to save the people of Darfur.

The blog on Darfur Awareness phrases the situation best: "On a micro-level, the Darfur conflict can be described as a tribal conflict. On the macro-level however, it's about the oppressed and neglected Darfurian people fighting collectively for their fair share of Sudan's wealth and fair share of power in the Khartoum government.

200,000 to 400,000 are estimated dead and more than 2.5 million have fled their homes. The conflict has spread to neighboring Chad and Central African Republic (CAR). It still continues and threatens to destabilize the whole region of central Africa."

End Modern-Day Slavery

When we hear the word slavery, it's safe to say that most of us think of a horrible time in the past of the United States. The truth is that slavery still exists. As much we ignore and/or overlook it, the federal government estimates more than 45,000 people enslaved in the United States.

One of the most recent cases prosecuted here in the United States is that of the enslavement of Simone Celestin of Haiti. Ms. Celestin was removed from an orphanage six years ago when she was 14. She worked 15 hour days for a Haitian family. One of the women involved says that she home-schooled Simone. It is alleged that Simone was sometimes beaten with hands and fists.

The Haitian culture refers to these children as restaveks. Many live under inhumane and brutal conditions even here in the United States. How one person can enslave another still baffles me. Many of these children are too terrified to report the conditions under which they live for fear of deportation or being killed. We must put an end to this trafficking.

People who engage in human trafficking get no sympathy from me. If they are black I think they should be punished even more severely than others. I know some may not think that's right but that's how I feel.

Click here for more information on modern-day human trafficking.