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First Lady Michelle Obama Looks Fabulous: Deal with it!



It’s such a shame that media air time has been wasted on the First Lady’s penchant for sleeveless ensembles. Some feel that the sleeveless look is too casual, and I understand that. There are others who think it’s no big deal.

The First Lady has awesome arms and legs. Actually, she has the total package so let’s just admire her for practicing proper nutrition and exercise rather than the foolishness about her arms on display.

I definitely prefer First Lady Obama’s arms to the overdeveloped arms of Madonna. When all is said and done, please, mainstream media, give us real news and not this fluff.



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Michelle Obama Named Best Dressed

Michelle Obama was named to Vanity Fair magazine's International Best Dressed List again. This is the second consecutive year that Mrs. O. has been named to the list. Mrs. Obama is always exquisitely dressed whether in casual or formal attire. Very much in the style of another First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, her simple but elegant clothing and accessories complement her tall, slender frame.

No, Cindy McCain did not make the list. Perhaps her husband will blame that on media bias. The September 2008 Vanity Fair magazine hits shelves on Wednesday.






Good things come to those who wait…

In keeping with the fashion theme of the previous post, I must share my latest purse acquisition with you. It is so roomy, I feel like a bag lady with this purse. I can carry my personal and work necessities and my flats for walking. The stitching is strong and the handles are sturdy. Of course, some details are missing such as protective feet on the bottom of the purse.

In spite of that, there will be no complaining from me since the purse only cost $5. Yes, five bucks. I am so happy.

I'm trying to find one of my colorful scarves to tie to the handle for a little pizzazz. This is way better than the $250 that Coach bag would have cost.


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The Safe Sex Dress


One of my friends forwarded this picture to me. It is a dress made of condoms. Yes, condoms. I don’t have any other information on the photo but I’ll give the designer an “A” for originality and creativity.

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Today's Confession: My Fetish (I am Not Alone)

The word for today is fetish. Hmmm…what is a fetish? Well, according to The Free Dictionary online:


1. An object that is believed to have magical or spiritual powers, especially such an object associated with animistic or shamanistic religious practices.

2. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence: made a fetish of punctuality.

3. Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

4. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Well, I confess I have a fetish. Some of you may be disappointed because my fetish is not of a sexual nature. You can forget about #3 on the list above.

I have a handbag fetish. I can’t seem to get enough of them. I am rather selective though. I like designer handbags --- preferably Louis Vuitton and Coach --- but I am more into style and quality.

I have paid four figures for a handbag and as little as $5. A quality $5 handbag? Yes, you’d be surprised what you can find at a thrift store. Anyhoo, I surfed upon a blog that totally satisfies my handbag obsession. It’s called The Purse Blog.


I don’t know why some women obsess so about a handbag but I am amongst them. Check out the number of subscribers of The Purse Blog and you’ll see how many others feel as I do. I frequently check out the offerings on eLuxury but I actually buy a bag from them maybe every 18 months or so. Sometimes they offer free shipping which can be a great saving.

The Purse Blog also gives info on handbags (especially the fake designer bags) and provides info on bags rocked by celebrities. They even posted that pic of Lindsay Lohan slumped in her vehicle. I don’t think I’m as obsessed as they are because I really don’t care about the bag Lohan’s wearing when she’s in that condition, okay?