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Rick Santorum equates the Affordable Care Act to apartheid [VIDEO]


Sign in South Africa during apartheid.

It's way too early since the death of former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, for folks to twist his legacy for their political gain. However, just hours after Mandela's death, former Senator from Pennsylvania and former presidential candidate Rick Santorumt did just that. Santorum actually compared he GOP fight against the Affordable Care Act to the horrendous sacrifices of Nelson Mandela and the horrendous environment that was apartheid. Sad, just sad but what should one expect since ACA was previously equated to Hurricane Katrina?



If Santorum chooses to run for president again, this interview will be used against him without a doubt. On the flip side, there is an element of voters that will be convinced to vote for him because of his commentary. Fortunately, there are far too many more reasonable Americans to allow him to prevail.


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Saying Good-bye to George W. Bush

You know, amidst the almost overwhelming excitement of the transition to new leadership in the United States, I must admit that I will miss President Bush. Yeah, I really will. Unfortunately, for him as a human being and his family, the Bush II tenure as POTUS will not characterize him positively.

Bush is largely perceived by the masses as fodder for comedic material. From his mispronunciations, sometimes-incoherent statements, lies (Mission Accomplished, WMDs,etc.) and that lasting image of him ducking those shoes, one has to feel a tinge of empathy for the guy.

You know, President Bush is like any celebrity we think we know but don’t really. We know them from the media and sometimes the media is not kind. We don’t know the human side of George W. Bush. Surely, some of the ribbing he’s taken has been hurtful. The conversations with family and friends attempting to justify his actions and decisions must have been stressful. I really feel sorry for the guy and his family. And then he made that Palinesque farewell presidential address he gave the other night.

He should be on a farewell apology tour to the American public rather than trying to blame everyone else but himself. His eight years as POTUS were disastrous and we’ve not yet realized the depths of the damage.

Regardless of the books written by Karl Rove and others, the tremendous loss of American lives at home and abroad, almost total collapse of the American economy and legendary slow response to the destruction by Hurricane Katrina will forever taint/paint the legacy of Bush II.


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Why I Love Brad Pitt: Making It Right in New Orleans

Brad Pitt, Steve Bing Plan New 150-Home Community in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward

Brad Pitt expanded his commitment to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward by announcing plans for a new community of homes in the area hardest-hit by the worst natural disaster in American history. He is partnering with Steve Bing in creating the 150 affordable and sustainable homes, which are the first effort of Pitt's "Make it Right" project.

Pitt announced his plan at the meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, where he challenged attendees to join him and Bing in rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward. Pitt pledged to match $5 million in contributions to the project. Bing has pledged to match $5 million in contributions as well, for a total of $10,000,000 in matching funds.

The spirit of the community's culture is central to Make It Right. "The heart and soul of New Orleans, specifically the people of the Lower 9th Ward, are paramount to this project," said Pitt. "The words of one elderly man who is determined to return to New Orleans led to the name of our organization: he asked us, directly simply and profoundly, to help make it right. So that's what we're doing. We're going to help to make it right with 150 sustainable, affordable houses—houses that stand out for their design both aesthetically and structurally, so that these people can live in beautiful safe structures that respect their spirit and provide a good quality of life."

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New Orleans and Gulf Coast Residents Still Need Help, Give a Day of Service

Here's an opportunity to help rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Far too many former residents of the area are still displaced and need to return to re-claim their land. This is an opportunity to actually do something to help that historic area.

More than two years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, some neighborhoods still remain devastated and uninhabited.

Join Tavis Smiley, Tom Joyner and the State of the Black Union panelists in partnership with the Office of Lt. Governor Mitchell Landrieu to assist in the clean-up and rebuild of New Orleans.

Friday, February 22, 7:00am to 3:00pm
(Service Orientation: Thursday, February 21, 7:00pm – 8:00pm)

Volunteer to help rebuild New Orleans! The goal is for 1,000 people to come out in their sweats and work boots and help rebuild New Orleans.

Attendees will be assigned to one of six projects.
Project 1 – Build a Home
Project 2 – Beautify a City Park
Project 3 – Build a Playground
Project 4 – Demolish a Home
Project 5 – Beautify a School Yard & Donate Books
Project 6 – Build Shelves for Public Library and Donate Books

Volunteers will receive a T-shirt, service kit (gloves, face mask, sponsor giveaways), continental breakfast, box lunch, and Reserved Seating at State of the Black Union 2008.

Title Partner
Office of Lt. Governor Mitchell Landrieu

National Sponsor
Wells Fargo

Lead Partners
Habitat for Humanity
Trinity Christian Community
Xavier University
Recovery School District
New Orleans Public Library
PBS & PRI - Public Radio International


California Wildfires, Hurricane Katrina and American Political Pawns

The look of helplessness on the faces of the victims of the California wildfires is all too familiar. Having survived a few hurricanes and the flooding of my home, that is a feeling unlike any other. Media coverage has shown us that same face throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, floods in the Midwest, bridge collapses and other natural disasters. It's a horrible, numbing feeling.

Several thousand homes have been destroyed because of the fires but it's the loss of irreplaceable items of sentimental value and the loss of life that are the most devastating.

As to be expected, there are comparisons of the response time of President Bush to the victims of the California fires and those of Hurricane Katrina. As the California fire victims get their lives back to normal a whole lot faster than the displaced Katrina victims, comparisons are likely to continue. The President and the affected governmental entities should just prepare to take their lumps. It won't be pretty either.

As the pols continue their spin, it's important to remember that there are people behind all of the disasters that have occurred. Regardless of who is President of the United States, or governor or senator, these people have lives to live and families to take care of. The well-being of American citizens should be top priority.

The Jena Six: An American Tragedy and a Shameful Reality

Six black students from Jena, Louisiana have been incarcerated since December of last year because of a protest and violence that ensued as a result of one black student sitting under the "white tree" at their high school. The "white" tree --- such a throwback in time. Many using the internet today will not understand or even get the significance of asking "permission" to do something that one takes for granted in the United States. We live in America where we all have rights, don't we?

Yeah, many of you black and white, especially if you're 40 years old or younger, probably thought 'old people' were just tripping behind all this racial stuff. You probably didn't want to read 'Roots', forget about watching it on television. Black people have Oprah with her millions of dollars, top-rated television show and other enterprises, right? Shoot, Denzel, Queen Latifah and Will Smith make millions from the big screen and Barack Obama is positioned to become the next president of the United States.

Then the reality checks kick in. Remember the derogatory words of Don Imus, murder of Martin Lee Anderson, incarceration of Genarlow Wilson, Marcus Dixon, Shaquanda Cotton and the Jena 6. Wake up. This is the real deal. This is the same shameful treatment of black Hurricane Katrina survivors portrayed as 'looting' for food and white Hurricane Katrina survivors 'finding' food. Give me a break. Remember Rosa Parks? Well, the Jena 6 is this century's Rosa Parks.

In Spike Lee's movie about Hurricane Katrina, When the Levees Broke, actor Wendell Pierce made a statement about a permanent underclass in Louisiana. By this Jena 6 situation, I understand how the blatant, inhumane mistreatment of blacks occurred so easily in the New Orleans area immediately after Katrina. The courageous young black people in Jena took a stand. Right-minded folks must stand with them. Expose this shameful situation to the world. Ask the presidential candidates about the Jena 6 and Genarlow Wilson.

Watch the videos below for background information and to get brought up to speed on the Jena 6 case. Take action and spread the word about this story.

Call and write. Let your voice be heard.

The Jena 6 Defense Committee
PO Box 2798,
Jena, LA 71342
[email protected]

Murphy McMillan, Mayor
P.O. Box 26
Jena, La. 71342
Phone (318) 992-2148

To contact District Attorney Reed Walters directly:

Reed Walters, District Attorney
28th Judicial District
PO Box 1940
Jena, Louisiana 71342-1940
(318) 992-8282
Fax: (318) 992-4731

Please contact:

Senator Mary Landrieu
webpage contact link
(202) 224-5824

Senator David Vittner
webpage contact link
Phone:(202) 224-4623

Rep Bobby Jindal
webpage contact link
Phone: (202)-225-3015

Rep William Jefferson
Phone: (202) 225-6636

Rep Charlie Melancon
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-4031

Rep Jim McCrery
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-2777

Rep Rodney Alexander
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-8490

Rep Richard Baker
webpage contact link
Phone: 202-225-3901

Rep Charles Boustany
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-2031


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