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Sarah Palin: The Truth is Out There

I'm going to totally date myself when I write this but some of you will be able to relate. When I was a young child and either my parents or relatives gave me money, I would love to save enough to go to the five-and-dime store.

For those of you making faces right now, the five-and-dime store was like a much smaller scale of Wal-Mart. If you remember the stories of civil rights sit-ins at Woolworth's, it was a five-and-dime. Some Woolworth's stores were sold to Wal-Mart as the Woolworth's retail chain declined. Anyhoo, back in those days, a dollar would go a long way and you buy candy for almost all the kids in the neighborhood.

Well, I bought candy sometimes but I also liked to buy jewelry. It was costume jewelry but jewelry nonetheless. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. I loved it.

My Aunt Bert taught me to paint the jewlery with clear fingernail polish to keep it from turning your skin green. It worked. The problem is, through perspiration and wear and tear, the polish eventually wore off. If you didn't re-apply the clear polish, the jewelry would turn your skin green anyway because it's not authentic gold or silver.

That's what we have in Sarh Palin's vice-presidency. It looks all shiny, new and authentic but when she speaks you know she's not authentic.

While the Rethuglican Party tries to present Sarah Palin as the candidate of Women and such a lovable governor, voices to the contrary are getting louder and louder. Hundreds gathered in Alaska yesterday to voice their opposition to Palin as vice-president and vowed not to be swayed by her gender.

Why hasn't that story been covered by the mainstream media with the veracity they've displayed on positive Palin topics? I have to agree with the McCain-Palin camp's assessments of media bias. But the media has been biased toward the McCain camp and the untold objective stories of both McCain and Palin clearly prove that.

Ok, I'll exempt USA Today on news coverage but what about the others? I could list television and print media outlets but you already know what I mean.

Check out the post and photos on Mudflats. There are other Alaskan bloggers brave enough to tell the truth about Sarah Palin. The Rethuglican spin will only last so long. That shine will fade away and if we're not careful, it will turn our skin green.

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Truth in Blogging: Mudflats

If you're interested in a different perspective on Sarah Palin and an unfiltered version of Alaskan politics, checkout Mudflats. The author describes herself as "just a citizen who is paying attention." Wow, that's all that's needed to turn our government --- and this presidential election --- around, more citizens just paying attention.

h/t: Linda Sama

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The Real John McCain and Why He Should Not be Elected POTUS

I saw the first video below over at one of Linda Sama's blogs, Ramblings of an Ageless HippieChick. I have to tell you, that blog is on fi-ya. She's posting some good stuff.There are comprehensive posts on Sarah Palin and the kool-aid the Rethuglicans are trying to get us to drink regarding the presidential election.

Anyhoo, this video is scary as it puts the McCain POW hook in its proper perspective. Now, don't get it twisted, military service to this country is acknowledged and sincerely appreciated but let's step back a bit and look at this issue realistically.

If you're not afraid that a bunch of mindless, bigoted troglodytes could elect John McCain POTUS; you should be. General Wesley Clark was correct when he said that being a POW was not a qualification to be president. If that's the case, there are 600 other former prisoners who should run for president because they sacrificed and suffered also.

If the Dems were disingenuous like the Rethuglicans, they would mock McCain's pimping of that period in his life; but they won't. Remember that tale he told about drawing a cross in the sand during the forum farce at Saddleback Church? Well, there's also doubt about whether it is true.

Enough of the lies and spin already. Anyone who votes for the McCain-Palin ticket deserves the hell this country will continue to experience if they win.

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Day of Blogging for Justice: Thank You Community Organizers

I find the Republican Party's attempts to disparage the role of community organizers a desperate attempt to continue to divide the American public and control the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

Community organizers have played a significant role in helping American citizens become knowledgeable of their rights and to stand up for themselves. My vivid childhood memories include community organizers, such as my parents, who helped register people to vote and organized boycotts when blacks were mistreated in the small town in which I was born.

It was not unusual to have to give up my bedroom to organizers from the NAACP or some other civil rights group. I didn't understand it at the time but those experiences molded me into the person I am today.

Now in their eighties, my parents still organize the neighbors to address local government and powerful businessmen to fight overdevelopment and demand services from county departments.

It is heartwarming when children who have become adults see my parents out and about and thank them for their help and guidance.

Folks who are privileged and never had their rights trampled upon have no idea of what a tremendous segment of the nation must cope with and overcome each day. I don't mean only blacks, latinos and other minorities but people who are not in the same socio-economic group as John and Cindy McCain or even Rudy Guiliani.

As long as people in our communities must fight for their rights, there will be a need for community organizers. So, shame on you Rudy Giuliani. Shame on you Sarah Palin; and shame on you John McCain.

Here are some community organizers I thank, in no particular order:

  • Jesus Christ
  • My parents
  • My aunts and uncles
  • My school teachers
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
  • DC Clark
  • Malcolm X
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Bishop Victor T. Curry
  • AfroSpear Nation and other bloggers
  • Rev. C.E. Steele
  • The Black Panthers
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mother Teresa
  • Barack Obama
  • Cesar Chavez
  • Saul Alinsky
  • Schwerner, Chaney & Goodman

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