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Meek, Greene Debate Sets Tone for Florida Politics 2010 [VIDEO]

This is a wild and crazy year in politics throughout the United States and I have jumped in the frying pan with several folks on a local level here in Miami but I am not the subject of this post. You must and I mean must check out one of the hottest races around which is the Florida U.S. Senate race.

Scrappy rivals surprised Gov. Charlie Crist, an early sure winner as the Republican nominee and Congressman Kendrick Meek, the early Democrat nominee. Former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio gained so much momentum in the GOP race that Crist is now running as an Independent. Meek, poised to become the first black U.S. Senator from Florida, now faces strong competition from wealthy businessman Jeff Greene.

Meek and Greene recently sat down for a debate in Palm Beach County. If that debate is any indication of how the rest of this race will be run; get ready for fireworks. As a side note, political newcomer, Rick Scott has shocked the Republican power base by moving ahead of political veteran Bill McCollum in the GOP race for Florida Governor.

To add to the mayhem, Democrat Alex Sink finds herself in a race with the namesake of a very popular former Florida governor, Lawton Chiles. Insert deep sigh here.

The ascendency of Scott and Greene beg at least two questions: Are voters so dissatisfied with career politicians that they will elect newcomers? Are political seats being “bought” by wealthy newcomers? Think on that.

Meek Set as Democratic Nominee for FL U.S. Senate Seat

Dan Gelber Meek State Senator Dan Gelber announced he is dropping out of the Florida U.S. Senate race. He leaves Kevin Burns in the race with clear frontrunner Kendrick Meek. Gelber will enter the race for attorney general which is probably a wise move. Current attorney general Bill McCollum vacates the seat to seek the Republican nomination for governor of Florida. It's time for musical chairs in Florida politics, folks.

Meek will likely face current Florida governor Charlie Crist in the Senate race. It will be quite interesting. Meek has raised more than a million dollars and has a strong political machine behind him. Crist is immensely popular but has ticked off the more conservative base in the GOP and has Miami's Marco Rubio chomping at his heels.

Pundits predict Rubio to go the way of Gelber and switch to another race. Can you say Lt. Governor Rubio? Seems like a wise move for Bill McCollum to add Rubio the ticket to garner the Hispanic vote. Stay tuned.