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8 year-old Miami girl starts food fight with Obama girls in controversial ad

Jasmine Messiah, an 8 year-old student in Miami, is the face of a new campaign by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to encourage healthier food choices in the nation's schools. Jasmine is a vegetarian and apparently outspoken and spunky according to media coverage.

It's true that the American is generally high in fatty foods. It's also true that the U.S. School Lunch program depends heavily upon surplus foods donated by the government. Fatty foods plus a reduced physical education program in public schools results in kids who are heavier than in the past.

Unfortunately, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine may have crossed the line when targeting the Obama daughters. Sure, they attend a prestigious private school in Washington, DC that offers healthy meal options, but bringing kids of politicians into a lobbying effort in this manner will likely result in a backlash.

First Lady Michelle Obama Not Happy with Toy Company

First Lady Michelle Obama is not happy that the Ty Toy Company has produced dolls named after her daughters without the permission or consultation of the parents. The Ty Company makes Beanie Babies.

The dolls, "Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha" are not named after the first daughters according to a Ty Company spokesperson. Yeah, right. They also don't look like the girls either.

To my knowledge, First Lady Obama has made no public comment about the incessant merchandising of her husband but immediately addressed this Beanie Baby issue. It's unfortunate that the toy company produced the dolls but then to lie about it; not a good thing.

Regardless of Mrs. Obama's statement, the dolls will likely sell well. Put a picture of the Obamas on anything and it sells. So, here we have another installment of the Obama Stimulus Package. Watch the dollars roll in.


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