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Presidential Debate 2012 Part 2: The President Barack Obama South Side Smack Down


Your Vote Counts
President Barack Obama was the clear winner of last night's debate.

The highly anticipated second Presidential Debate of this election cycle was the comeback of President Barack Obama in style and substance. Almost immediately he came out swinging with a demeanor that was cool, calm and in control. Gov. Mitt Romney’s demeanor was much the same as in the first debate but he wasn’t as cocky this time since the President would not be bullied. 


Unlike the first debate, President Obama put Gov. Romney in check a few times. Gov. Romney was vague, no, let me use a more appropriate word --- sketchy. Anyone that really follows politics and is objective could see through the desperate acts of Mitt Romney. I’m sure Romney expected a different Pres. Obama than from the first debate but he couldn’t control the President or Candy Crowley although it seemed he gave it his best shot.  

During the first debate, the big takeaway was not policy positions on any issues, it was Big Bird and Gov. Romney’s promise to defund PBS if he’s elected. This time, Gov. Romney’s gaffe was ‘binders full of women.’ That was an immediate Twitter trending topic; a domain name was purchased and several Facebook pages were established. Gov. Romney used the phrase while answering a question from an audience member in an attempt to endear himself to women voters. Can you say EPIC FAIL? 

At first the verbal jousting between the two men was exciting then kind of boring. President Obama was on such fire that the debate was basically over and there still about 30 minutes remaining.  

The Republican spin machine has already tried to make Romney the winner. Many mainstream media personalities and journalists have said that the President’s performance was not strong enough to overcome the Mitt Romney momentum. What? Are you kidding me?  

Then I thought about the fact that mainstream media is big business and the GOP is definitely pro-big business. Take whatever you read, see or hear in the mainstream media with a grain of salt. Heck, you should do that with media period. Whatever you do, think. 

I’m looking forward to the final debate on Monday, October 22 at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. 

Here’s my take on the debate record thus far. What say you? 

2012 Debate Record

Style:  Obama/Biden - 2   Romney/Ryan - 1

Substance:  Obama/Biden - 3  Romney/Ryan - 0



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Samuel L. Jackson says WAKE UP!!! [VIDEO]

I heard about the Samuel L. Jackson video in support of President Obama's re-election but I had not seen the full video until today when I surfed over to Wayne Hicks' blog, The Electronic Village

This video is hilarious and on point. I will send it to a few friends and some folks I don't know that well. Now, anyone who knows of Samuel L. Jackson, knows there will likely be some profanity involved in his work. In this video there is an attempt to censor the profanity but it is obvious what is being said. 


Folks shouldn't have to be cajoled, entertained, fed or cussed at to vote but if that's what's effective, so be it. Wake up, get up and vote or shut up!

Democratic Convention Off to a Rousing Start


DNC 2012
Florida delegation on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, September 4, 2012, Charlotte, NC.


The first night of the Democratic National Convention was awesome, inspiring and electrifying. If this is how the Dems start off, then Thursday evening’s culminating activities should be mind blowing.

You know, sometimes events and people can be so hyped up that it’s humanly impossible to deliver at such a highly anticipated level. Well, that was not the case last night. From First Lady Michelle Obama to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to Lily Ledbetter to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and many others, the first night set the tone.

The Democrats successfully presented a picture of America and the diversity of Americans. The Democratic National Convention did not seem contrived, as did the Republican National Convention. There was a nice mixture of speakers we knew and speakers who were novices to the national spotlight, it all seemed organic.

After all the speeches are completed and President Obama accepts his Party’s nomination Thursday night, the reality is that the Democratic Party has to register voters in spite of what appears to be successful voter suppressive laws. Moreover, they must get voters out to vote. There’s a lot for the Democrats to do. There’s little time in which to do it. 


Photo:  Keenan Austin 

I Believe Harry Reid

All this back and forth conversation in the media about Sen. Harry Reid saying he has a source that says presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes is maddening. Romney supporters and GOP strategists making the news talk circuit are just so incredibly unbelievable. Invoking the number of income tax returns John McCain provided and even Ronald Reagan is just such a stretch and obvious show of desperation.

Gov. Romney can put a stop to the discussion by just providing the requested tax returns and moving on with his campaign. If he doesn't, the public will continue think he has something to hide. It's really just that simple and no attempt at deflecting the issue will prove successful.

Until Romney provides his income tax returns to the American voters, I believe Harry Reid.


Fake Romney Money Photo Goes Viral

There is a photo and several articles floating around the Internet about it that allegedly shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a photo with his family who are wearing t-shirts that misspell their last name. Instead of ROMNEY, the family allegedly makes a Freudian slip and spells RMONEY. Okay, insert “greedy filthy rich guy” jokes now.

Many people think Mitt Romney is so arrogant, greedy and not smart that he would knowingly pose for such a photo. Wow. I am no Mitt Romney fan but this RMONEY photo is as believable as that hoax that Romney said he can relate to the black community because his family owned slaves. Mitt Romney has done much damage to himself based on his real actions, it’s not necessary to create false gaffes.

This picture has been photoshopped.

This is the original picture of Romney and the Fisher family that was taken by Gerald Herbert.

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll adds fuel to sex scandal fire


Jennifer Carroll

 A former aide to Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll claims to have caught the Lt. Gov. in a sexually compromising position with another female staffer. The messy situation, which also has elements of illegal recording of conversations and possible arson charges, just got worse as Carroll made some of the most airheaded or most asinine comments about black women, married women and lesbianism.

What did Carroll say? Well, she actually giggled and said “Black women that look like me, don’t engage in relationships like that.” Her prior statement was that she has been married for 29 years and her accuser is the one that has been single for a long time. Whoa...So, let me get this straight, black lesbian and bisexual women are single and unattractive. Wow, Jennifer. Really?


The Lt. Gov. is right to defend herself if the allegation is untrue. If the allegation is true, that's her personal business, let her deal with it with her husband. One thing is certain, she has done herself a tremendous disservice by revealing how narcissistic, prejudice and out of touch she is. If she ever thought she would become Florida’s first black governor and first female governor, she can kiss those possible historic firsts good-bye.


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We are better than this, America.


The shooting death of Trayvon Martin, shootings of blacks in Tulsa and other places and the continuing disrespect of President Barack Obama signal an America I do not wish to return to but it seems never really changed.


I remember segregation. I remember segregated beaches, segregated restaurants and segregated schools. I remember economic boycotts, civil rights marches and marches by the Klu Klux Klan. Those were, for the most part, horrible times not just for black people but for all of America.


What kind of nation have we become to allow our President to be disrespected, especially by other elected officials? The latest act was committed by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) who called the president 'stupid' on Twitter.


Here's the translation:

"Constituents asked why I am not outraged at President Obama's attack on Supreme Court independence. Because American people are not as stupid as this ex-professor of constitutional law."


Sure politicians are frequently the brunt of jokes by comedians and targets of political satire but I don't recall any President of the United States being openly disrespected by another elected official the way Sen. Grassley and others have disrespected President Obama. It's shameful. It's treasonous. It's embarrassing. We are better than this, America.



We Can't Turn Back Now [VIDEO]

Five years ago presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama ignited a fire in Americans yearning for change in our government. Americans yearning for a better life…better opportunities…jobs…education. Hope. Change.

Unlike any presidential candidate before or since, Obama’s obvious racial difference was not the factor that endeared him to so many.  No, Barack Obama’s American story was the glue that weaved him through the hearts and minds of so many Americans who could identify with the challenges he overcame to attain a comfortable lifestyle in these United States of America.

Now five years later, after a historic victory, this man we know as Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, remains the same intelligent, dignified, level-headed leader this nation needs. President Obama’s tenure has been met with such vitrol, disrespect and unsuccessful attempts to destroy this nation, it is almost unbelievable. These attempts have not come from outside but from within the leadership of this very nation who claim to be patriots. 

Now is the time to continue to move America forward with four more years of an Obama presidency. We are on the right track by addressing economic disparity and helping the poor and middle-class among other issues. We can’t turn back now.







Who do You prefer as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee?

Mitt Romney’s latest mistake is a perfect example of why I prefer him on the GOP presidential ticket over Newt Gingrich. Romney will likely to make it to the top of the GOP ticket but he is largely detached from the real world that most Americans know. 

He also doesn’t seem very comfortable within himself. When Romney goes off-script, it sometimes leads to disastrous results. Romney said he’s focusing on the middle class. I get that. I do believe that’s President Obama’s message but let me not digress. To say that the very poor will be okay since they have a safety net — food stamps, medicare, etc. is so unrealistic but not a surprise coming from him. 

Who do You prefer as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee?


Romney Wins Big in Florida, Then Steps In It!


Mitt Romney cleaned the clock of Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in certain areas of Florida when the votes were counted on Tuesday. In the parts of Florida that represent the old, traditional South, Gingrich carried those areas. Suffice it to say, the Republican conservative base is still not excited and accepting of a Romney presidency.

The campaigning in Florida was brutal and very nasty. It will be worse during the General Election phase of this campaign. Romney has enough money to continue to buy victory in this campaign. Gingrich maintains he in until the Republican Convention in Tampa. He also thumbed his nose at the Republican establishment.

As Romney was taking his victory lap, a portion of his interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, went viral and not in a good way for him. Romney said he wasn't concerned about the very poor. I’m showing an extended version of the faux pas where he tries to clean it up but it’s too late. 

Pay attention and remain engaged in this presidential campaign, it will become more and more interesting as the cycle progresses. Peace.