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Today was another grueling day. With deadlines for work projects and community projects looming, I have not been eating properly, nor getting enough exercise and rest. So much so, to settle my stomach, I took a couple of Alka-Seltzer after arriving home.

As I watched the tablets fizz and dissolve --- did I mention they were Extra Strength Alka-Seltzer? --- well, I reflected on my day and realized no matter how horribly I was feeling, there was at least one person in the world that felt way worse than me today and that would be Mitt Romney.

Yeah, I know he has to be wondering what in the hell happened to his campaign? A few days ago, he and many others were so confident Romney would win the GOP presidential nomination, and ultimately make Barack Obama a one-term President, that they were already picking out the new drapes and rearranging the furniture in the White House. 

What a difference a few days make. The chorus of critics about Romney’s lack of transparency regarding his taxes and insensitivity to and insults about the American general public grew louder and louder and Romney’s began to erode. Then, it turns out, Rick Santorum was the real winner of the Iowa Caucus, at least that’s the way it’s shaping up thus far, and now Rick Perry is suspending his campaign and has endorsed Newt Gingrich. 

If there ever was a time it might be okay drop the F-bomb, this would be it. I mean, I don’t encourage the use of profane language but in my Chris Rock voice, in this case,  “I understand”. Man, oh, man, how could Willard Mitt Romney have been the heir apparent to the GOP presidential nomination two days ago and now he’s holding on for dear life? 

This presidential campaign is getting more and more interesting. So interesting, that I’m going to watch tonight’s Southern Republican debate rather than the Miami Heat and Lakers game. Who knows what’s going to happen next? In spite of this momentum change for Gingrich, he’s not exactly in the catbird seat because his ex-wife is dissing him big time. How effective she is in derailing Gingrich’s campaign remains to be seen. I’m going to get some popcorn for this reality show. 


Gloria Cain Does Her Version of Stand by Your Man [VIDEO]

A deep sigh as we are subjected to presidential candidate Herman Cain’s wife of 43 years coming to the defense of her husband. We have seen this dance many times before and know how it will likely end. It’s a sad but seemingly necessary part of the political campaign game when a candidate is caught up in a sex scandal. Gloria Cain says her husband "totally respects women" and would have to have a split personality to have done the things he is accused of. 


Herman Cain’s poll numbers are dropping and will likely drop even more. Sharon Bialeck’s former boyfriend, Dr. Victor Zuckerman, a Louisiana pediatrician, basically called Cain a liar about not remembering her. It may be time for Cain to cut bait.



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Obama vs. Cain

Are We Witnessing the Takedown of Herman Cain?

The sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain that resulted in a financial settlement to the accuser in two separate cases, won't go away until he does. Cain's unexpected rise to the top of the Republican presidential candidate heap must be stopped by any means necessary and the takedown has begun.

Cain knows this sexual harassment issue could have reared its ugly head when he entered the presidential race and he should have been better prepared to deal with it. Perhaps he is just as surprised by his campaign success as the rest of us and never thought he would rise to the level of significance that would warrant disclosure of the issue.

As he rose in the polls, Cain should have expected and prepared for the public disclosure of the sexual harassment cases. And, in this supposedly post-racial America we live in, if his accusers are white, his campaign is toast. If anyone says otherwise, they are delusional or just plain lying.

Don't get it twisted, have race relations improved in this country? Absolutely. Is this still the best country in the world? Absolutely. But let's be real, racial issues haven't gone away and if playing that card helps one candidate win and another one lose, it will happen. Race is a hot-button issue and politics is a contact sport.

As the stickiness of this Herman Cain sexual harassment story continues, let's see if the takedown of Herman Cain will soon be complete or will he surprise us once again?

Are We Witnessing the Takedown of Herman Cain?

A Teacher's Lesson in Voter Suppression in Florida

The reality of the suppressive nature of Florida's voting laws became painfully clear recently to Palm Beach County high school civics teacher Jill Cicciarelli.

What did she do? Well, for starters, she registered 50 of her students to vote without first registering with the state as a "third-party voter registration organization," and the completed registration forms were not turned in within 48 hours.

Such are the obstacles the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature put in place to suppress new voter registration --- and prevent the re-election of President Barack Obama but let me not go there just yet.

Ms. Cicciarelli's name was forwarded to the Florida Secretary of State's Office for engaging in unlawful voter registration. She's also subject to a $50 fine for each late registration, up to $1,000.

Hmmm...What an incredible teaching and learning moment for Jill Cicciarelli and her students. I wonder what they think about our government in action. What say you?

A Teacher's Lesson in Voter Suppression in Florida

Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama: We Can’t Handle the Truth [VIDEO] [POLL]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is under fire big time for saying that Barack Obama could be president because he is light-skinned and doesn't speak with a Negro dialect unless he has to. Those comments were made in either 2006 or 2007; the timeline is in dispute and that's not really important in this situation. What is clear is that Reid unwisely voiced points that were thought by many. Except for that antiquated 'Negro' terminology, Senator Reid made the same assessment a lot of whites probably made and some blacks also; let's not kid ourselves.

To be politically attractive, candidates are advised to look and speak a certain way. Candidate Barack Obama fit that mold and his Ivy League education sealed the deal. Am I a Harry Reid fan? No but I'm not hating on him either. I also don't think his comments were nearly as racially-charged as Trent Lott's 'Dixiecrat' comment, that 'Barack the Magic Negro' song and controversial comments by others.

The GOP is attempting to keep this topic in the media by claiming 'double standard' in the treatment of Republicans who have made racial comments compared to Democrats who do the same. Should Harry Reid resign? No. Is Harry Reid a racist? I don't know. Is he out-of-touch? Absolutely --- as are the folks over at the Census Bureau.

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Happy Birthday, Dr. King...Is this a birthday present or what?


Today is the day this country celebrates the birth of one of this country’s most famous leaders, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This year’s King Holiday celebration is more significant as we are also in the midst of celebrating the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America.

The Obama presidency is a tremendous gift to the legacy of Dr. King but not just because Obama is black but by virtue of the fact that Obama has re-ignited the American spirit and called for unity in working for the good for the nation. The rainbow of people who elected Barack Obama to the highest position in the free world and the people celebrating his inauguration would be pleasing to Dr. King.

Every march, sit-in, arrest and day Dr. King endured in jail has brought this country to where it is today and I am grateful for Dr. King’s commitment to fighting for the rights of black Americans and others treated unfairly.

The election of Barack Obama as president is not the fulfillment of King’s dream but it is definitely a step in the right direction. We are so very proud of this nation but there is still much to be done to achieve equality for all.

Let’s continue in the spirit of Dr. King and do our part to continue to make this nation better for our children, our children’s children and generations to come. Happy Birthday, Dr. King. Thank you.  



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Year 2008 in Review by Uncle Jay

I never heard of Uncle Jay until a friend shared this video. Uncle Jay has a series of videos similar to this one.




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Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey but That Doesn’t Save Turkey Slaughtered On Camera [Video]

Sarah…Sarah…Sarah. Pull up already, please. It is so difficult to put words on this page when describing the latest fiasco of obvious 2012 presidential wannabe Sarah Palin. She has been in major media overload since the McCain-Palin ticket lost the general election and someone needs to tell her to chill out...pull up...enough alaready.

This latest fiasco is video of her giving an interview while a turkey is slaughtered in the background. Keep in mind that the purpose of the interview was to highlight her pardoning a turkey. WARNING: Video may not be suitable for children or the squeamish.

Was that a Twilight Zone moment or what? Perhaps such cruelty doesn't cause one blink of an eye in Alaska, but it doesn't play well in Peoria...or anywhere else. To most folks, it is disgusting…horrific…gross…you get my drift.

I've witnessed the killing of chickens and hogs and that totally messed up my mind for a few weeks. I know we have to eat but there are some things better left unseen.

Meanwhile, back to Sarah Palin. What in the world was she thinking? This is the person who could have been this country's second-in-command. Those general election creepy feelings I had are actually coming back. Eeew

Those totally grossed out may want to go here:


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After the Election: Now What?

This is Day 3 after Barack Obama was elected POTUS. Some close friends and I had been somewhat married to the presidential campaign for almost the last two years so the abrupt but expected end to our relationship required me to chill out for a few days. You know how emotionally-draining the ending of a relationship can be. I just needed a nap and some butter pecan ice cream to help me work through this. I've watched television briefly but haven't read a newspaper since the morning of November 5th. I really needed to wind down.

I also realize that I may owe an apology to some people I've talked to since becoming a bona fide political junkie. For those folks, especially my co-workers, alumni buddies, sorority sisters, family members and strangers with whom the mere mention of the presidential election sent me to a zone in which I'm sure I could have been borderline obnoxious, I probably should say I'm sorry. I also should not have displayed such righteous indignation when some of you insisted on supporting Hillary after you accused me of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

I'm sure I interrupted when you tried to explain why Barack Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate and when you said he would never win. I was raised better than that. For that, I truly apologize. Regardless of my passion, I really should not have interrupted; that's just rude. As far as the rest of my behavior is concerned, I ain't apologizing for none of that!

And another thing, a couple of you owe me money. I'm not gonna call you out on this blog right now but you know who you are. You bet me that Barack Obama wouldn't win. You told me why he couldn't beat the Clinton political machine. You told me he couldn't raise enough money because he hadn't been on the political scene long enough. You told me white people wouldn't vote for him. Ha! I should be gracious right now but I'm not. Pay me my money! Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

On a serious note, it feels a little weird not volunteering at the Obama for America campaign office; it had become a ritual. I'm back to getting my blog on regularly and keeping an eye and ear to what's happening on the political scene in this country and around the world. We're in for an exciting time in the United States and times that will test our mettle. Let's always remember that change comes from the bottom up and that the people really run the show. I am fully engaged in this political process and hope we stick and stay together.

Peace – Light – Love and most of all…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



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Just How Desperate is the GOP?

In an incredible poor sense of timing, poor taste, and just plain ole foolishness, the California GOP has sunk to a new low by filing a complaint with the FEC over Barack Obama's use of his campaign airplane to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.

Give me a break. Is this the best these folks could come up with? The man was trying to see his grandmother before she passed and these numb nuts wanted him to catch a regular airplane. You've got to be kidding. I'm glad he used the most expeditious means of getting to her and was able to see her before she passed.

You may have noticed I've resisted the urge to refer to the GOP as Rethuglicans lately but they definitely deserve it after a shameful move like this.

You know McCain and the GOP are trying to hold on to as many seats as possible throughout the United States but they do that at the risk of tarnishing their personal brand and Party brand for many years to come. It's lame moves like this and selecting Sarah Palin for VP that may appeal to the conservative base but alienates the Rethuglicans from moderate conservatives, independents and conservative democrats.

It's bad enough that these folks seem to have no problems in attracting a mainly non-diverse ethnic group of supporters. This stunt is the lowest of the low. It's time for a change.



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