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Burris Admonition Shameful


On Friday, November 20, 2009, the Senate Ethics Committee issued a formal public admonition to Senator Roland W. Burris (D., IL). The sternly worded admonition is peppered with phrases that basically call Burris a liar.

He seemed less than genuine from the moment he was injected in to the Blagojevich drama and the charges of racism should he not be seated just added to the seemliness of Burris’ appointment and contributed to the then circus-like atmosphere.

Burris was tainted by his appointment process and his tenure in the U.S. Senate will be the same. All of the people involved in the Blago drama and appointment of Burris will have to answer for their actions regardless of the weak punishment by the Senate panel.


Burris Damage Control Ineffective [VIDEO]

Senator Roland Burris, Junior Senator for the State of Illinois, the man who literally went on a media tour after his appointment to the seat by then embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich, would have respective public officials and the American public to believe that he is not guilty of perjury after revelation of Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother seeking Burris’ assistance in fundraising for the governor. I know that is a long sentence but this is a weird situation.

Senator Burris and his legal counsel were not prepared for the questions from the media at yesterday's press conference. There was stammering, stumbling, and obvious defensiveness. Not a good look.

If anyone didn’t think Burris was tainted by Rod Blagojevich before, they sure think it now.



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Roland Burris: Lies the Senator Told Us

You know I hate to say I told you so but the fawning over Roland Burris and whether a black person should be appointed to the seat is tarnished by the revelation that he failed to disclose that he had been asked to raise funds for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich by the governor’s brother, Robert.

This situation is really messed up but I’m not totally surprised by the revelation. Burris could have saved himself from adding to the Blago taint but he didn’t. The lame excuse about not having the “opportunity” to disclose the request for money is just way too lame and insulting. Roland Burris is a smart man; his attempt to get ahead of this mess and clean it up is too little too late.

To make matters worse for the Democrats, the Illinois GOP is looking into an investigation of Burris for perjury. In the court of public opinion, the GOP may very well get that support.

Burris has been in politics or government far too long far this foolishness. Senator Burris should resign (but he won't) and Gov. Quinn should appoint U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. to the senate seat. Jackson should be appointed and not because he's black but because he would be a great representative for the people of Illinois.

The Rod Blagojevich circus continues. Oh yeah, I told you so.


More details from The Chicago Tribune

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