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Gloria Cain Does Her Version of Stand by Your Man [VIDEO]

A deep sigh as we are subjected to presidential candidate Herman Cain’s wife of 43 years coming to the defense of her husband. We have seen this dance many times before and know how it will likely end. It’s a sad but seemingly necessary part of the political campaign game when a candidate is caught up in a sex scandal. Gloria Cain says her husband "totally respects women" and would have to have a split personality to have done the things he is accused of. 


Herman Cain’s poll numbers are dropping and will likely drop even more. Sharon Bialeck’s former boyfriend, Dr. Victor Zuckerman, a Louisiana pediatrician, basically called Cain a liar about not remembering her. It may be time for Cain to cut bait.



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Miss USA 2009: The Politics of Beauty, Controversy and Conviction


Wow. Who knew that this year's Miss USA contestants were totally out of gas had they not been up on current national and international events? When did that happen? Note to next year's contestants: start watching C-SPAN, MSNBC and CNN now.

Then, enter the fallout from this year's controversy about the response to a question on gay marriage posed to Miss California, Carrie Prejean, by celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Oh, my.

I must say I applaud Prejean's courage and honesty in her response. It would have been difficult to answer that question without backlash from one group or another. She could have taken the easy way out and catered to the judges by saying she supported gay marriage but she stood by the courage of her convictions. Like it or not; she gave an honest answer. We need a lot more honesty in the world even if we disagree with the opinion.

On the other hand, Perez Hilton did little to further support for the gay marriage movement with his vicious and derogatory comments about Ms. Prejean. Hilton apologized for his comments later but the damage had been done. It's also important to understand he thrives on controversy so this brouhaha was right up his alley.

Miss California was named first runner-up but she has totally overshadowed Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton who actually won the title. The real winner in this situation is Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA pageant. He knows that controversy sells and his pageant has gotten loads of free publicity. Wonder what drama next year's event will bring?

In Memory of My Cousin: Blogging to End AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day. Throughout the world, over 30 million people are living with one of the most deadly diseases --- HIV and AIDS. It is likely that you know someone who has contracted the virus or who has already died from it. Because of the stigma of AIDS, one of my cousins, passed away several years ago in loneliness and isolation from our family.

Without giving us an opportunity to say a loving good-bye to him, his mother selfishly had him buried far away from us. No one else, not even his father, knew what happened to him. It is a pain that I still carry and anger that I have yet to overcome towards her.

Not only did my cousin die a horrible death, he was also ashamed to disclose his homosexuality to the family. While I cannot fully understand how he must have felt, it was just another stupid attempt to conceal the obvious.

I so want to say to him, "Hello cousin, tell us something we don't already know." I would have hugged him and told him that we love all of him even if we don't agree with his lifestyle. I just can't imagine the pain and loneliness he must have endured. It was all so unnecessary.

I know that my cousin probably wanted to avoid the attempts to "straighten" him out. His lifestyle choice would have wrought the same lectures heaped upon the "wayward" relatives who choose to "live in sin" without the benefit of marriage. I love my family but some of their actions are as predictable as sunrise.

All things considered, my cousin forgot how our family always has each other's back. He forgot that we don't always agree but we're always family. What is more ironic is that he could have learned that he was not alone; there are other members of the family that are homosexual also. What a sad end to a promising life.

HIV/AIDS is not a homosexual disease so don't foolishly think you can't get it if you're heterosexual. Although HIV/AIDS is prevalent among blacks, you can get it if you're not black. Regardless of your ethnicity or sexual preference, you are susceptible to contracting HIV/AIDS if you engage in sexual activities, are an intravenous drug user or require a blood transfusion. If you are an infant, you can get HIV from the breast milk of an infected mother.

Don't let HIV/AIDS break up your family and remember that no ever has to suffer through this disease alone. Most of all, to my cousin, I love you, man.

From World Vision:

Take Our Online AIDS Test
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Step Into Africa With the World Vision Experience: AIDS
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Visit the Experience Web site and
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Tyler Perry’s New Movie May Just Make You Ask “Why Did I Get Married?”

Tyler Perry has done it again. He has taken one of his plays and staged it for the big screen. Hollywood is taking notice of what Blacks in urban areas have known for some time. Urban theater sells. And urban theater transformed to the big screen makes big money.

The remarkable story of the numerous victories of Tyler Perry and his ever present sense of humility is the manifestation of the Blessing of Jesus Christ. He has overcome poverty, emotional abuse and homelessness among other things. Almost everything this man touches turns to gold. He is changing minds with the positive messages in all of his movies.

His movies can be a bit corny and predictable but the positive messages are desperately needed. It is bothersome to me that a Black man has to dress in drag for Black people to get positive messages on relationships, education and family, but that seems to be what is working.

On October 12, Perry is scheduled to debut, "Why Did I Get Married?" starring him along with Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Michael Jai-White and Sharon Leal. Based on what I've seen on the internet, it's the story of four couples on an annual ski vacation during which their relationships are examined. You know there's gonna be drama when one of the cast is referred as a "trick".

The storyline will make it another number one hit for Perry. The acting and fine Michael Jai White will definitely fill more than a few theater seats. If this movie improves relationships, then we're all the better for it.

I'll let you know what I think when I see it. Meanwhile, check out the trailer.


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FREE GENARLOW WILSON! [Part 5]: Georgia Judge Declares Genarlow Wilson Ineligible for Bond; Georgia, Stop the Madness!

After businessmen raise $1 million for a bond, a Douglas County (Ga.) judge cancels a bond appeal hearing for Genarlow Wilson. It is obvious that the State of Georgia is hell bent on keeping one young man locked up for receiving oral sex from a 15 year-old when he was 17. For the life of me I don’t want to shout racism but what is the damn problem here?

Listen folks, you can be in denial if you want, but teenagers are engaging in oral sex and all sorts of behavior not condoned by parents or the law. That's what they hear in their music and see on televsion or at the movies. Guess what? The incarceration of Genarlow Wilson will not stop teenagers from having sex; they’ll just conceal it from the authorities for fear of being jailed.

Oh yeah, those same teenagers that will keep their sexual behavior a secret for fear of being jailed will likely spread and contract sexually-transmitted diseases because they haven’t gotten proper medical attention, because why? They don’t want to be jailed. Georgia, please turn on a light and come out of the dark ages.

Genarlow Wilson has served 28 months of a 10 year sentence that he does not deserve. He should not be required to register as a sex offender. The fact that his friends accepted a plea deal should not prevent Georgia law from doing the right thing for Genarlow.

I don’t blame Genarlow or his attorney for declining those so-called plea deals offered by Douglas County DA David McDade. They are insulting to say the least. Besides, the longer Genarlow is in jail, the more Georgia’s reputation is damaged.

Just a few days away from a July 5 bond appeal hearing, Douglas County Judge David Emerson declared that Genarlow is ineligible for a bond. Give me a break; this situation is just inhumane. It’s time for some folk to put a spotlight on his situation and turn up the heat even more than before.

With serious issues that Georgia has to deal with, it’s incomprehensible that oral sex between two teenagers would result in such a waste of taxpayer resources. This case not only makes Georgia look like a racist, backwater State, it makes the USA look like backwater, knuckle-dragging hypocrites.

If Georgia AG Thurbert Baker, DA David McDade, Judge David Emerson and Gov. Sonny Perdue really want to apply the law equitably, Georgia should just lock up all of its teenagers guilty of engaging in oral sex under the age of consent. If honesty prevailed, there’d be few teenagers in school and most of them behind bars.

When all is said and done, I pray that Genarlow continues to stand on principle and doesn’t allow these men to break his spirit.

Stella: Queen of Denial

Let’s be real, I may never be able to watch “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” again.

My planned trip to Jamaica is cancelled…over…done with…crossed off my to do list. Stella’s fantasy Caribbean dream man was “on the DL.” What? How could he?

Ms. McMillan has been humiliated beyond belief. After watching her and ex-hubby, Jonathan Plummer on Oprah, I didn’t know quite know how to feel. It was the strangest Oprah show I’d seen.

Plummer was clearly the prettiest one of the three on stage and I couldn’t help thinking, Miss Terry, that man is flaming! His skin, brow arch and make-up were flawless. Decked in casual chic attire, he was truly looking good. Mr. Plummer has definitely benefited from a make-better.

Are we women in such denial that we desperately try to hold on to a handsome but obviously gay man? Sisters, we need a reality check. We can be friends with gay men but let’s not ignore the obvious, okay?

It’s not safe and it’s definitely not healthy to do so. And men, don’t play such dangerous games either. I still don’t understand how Ms. McMillan could bring herself to share a tub with Mr. Plummer after all the verbal darts she threw at him. And just how could he share a tub with a woman who appeared to be on the verge of a breakdown? Perhaps they deserve each other. I do know that they both need counseling.

Too many innocent people (offspring, parents, friends, relatives) get caught up in the subterfuge of illicit relationships. Be yourself and free yourself. It’s a wonderful thing.


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