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Robin Williams and the Presidential Elections

I've always like the comedy of Robin Williams. Even when he was Mork from Ork, his brilliance was evident. Here's just a taste of him in action on the Jay Leno Show.

Here's classic Mork and heyyyyy, The Fonz.


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Presidential Debate II: McCain – 0, “That One” - 2

John McCain could not have been a happy camper going into last night's debate with Barack Obama's growing lead in national polls and increasing projected lead in claiming states on the Electoral Map. McCain should have been looking forward to the town hall format because that's his specialty when reaching out to voters.

What actually occurred was more of an Obama smackdown than anything else. You can watch it for yourself but Obama was the clear winner and anyone who says otherwise is just kidding themselves and trying to kid you too.

McCain came across as an angry old man and Obama was, well, "too cool for school." It was actually a lot like watching Obama debate Hillary Clinton and her getting her panties in a bunch. You'd think the McCain folks would have learned that lesson already but obviously they haven't.

Senator McCain was not in control and performed as one would expect a rookie debater to do. He was condescending to Obama and a young black man in the audience who asked McCain a question. McCain insinuated the young man didn't know who Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were until recently. It was a dismissive comment and something I would expect to hear from someone who addresses almost everyone as "my friend".

McCain needed to win this debate to turn the tide rolling in Obama's favor. Perhaps he can change that over the next 27 days but I don't think so. His one trick strategy for the rest of the campaign is negativity.


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Tina Fey Scores as Sarah Palin --- Again!

The folks over at SNL (Saturday Night Live) are on a roll with their political satire skits. No doubt Tina Fey will win all kinds of awards and accolades for her spot on portrayal of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Each week's skit seems better than the previous week. Last Saturday's opening skit was a parody of the vice-presidential debate with Queen Latifah joining the cast as Gwen Ifill. You're really missing out if you don't watch it all the way through to its conclusion. Enjoy.



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SNL Showcases Hidden Talent

I saw this Saturday Night Live video on the Jailbreak Toys blog. It is creepy.

Who's that man in the beard? John McCain plays a stalker. Is he acting or just being himself? Check it out. He really wasn't that bad. Eeew!

From ‘Nuts’ to 'Niggers': How Low Can You Go, Rev. Jackson?

OK, what's next? As much as the Rev. Al Sharpton and other s try to water down this latest issue of the word, 'niggers', in Rev. Jesse Jackson's hot mic comments, this cannot and will not just go away.

Rev. Jackson has held himself up as the moral authority so this issue is more controversial than it would have been had the word been uttered by someone else. Rev. Jackson must just man up and deal with the fall out.

I don't know how long the Jackson apology tour is going to be or how many times he expects the public, especially black people, to forgive him. Now might be a good time for the Reverend to chill for a couple of months. His stock has dropped big time and he needs to hunker down until this blows over.

By the way, who's kidding whom? FOX News saved this revelation to secure maximum news coverage.

Dis-Respect in Media: Dog the Bounty Hunter to Return to A&E

Let's face it; it's no surprise that the bigwigs at A&E Network plan to return Dog the Bounty Hunter to its line-up in a few days. After Duane "Dog" Chapman displayed such racist disdain for black people by referring to his son's black girlfriend as a ni**er and proceeded to use the vile term with such hate several times during a recorded conversation.

The foolishness was exposed last fall and the network suspended production. I guess the shelf life of black folks anger about the situation has expired in the minds of the network brass at A&E. It seems they think all is well and black folks have forgotten. Think again.

Here's a reminder of what Duane "Dog" Chapman said. WARNING: The audio is uncensored.

Although Dog went on his expected apology tour --- think Trent Lott, Michael Richards and Don Imus; that's not enough to erase what he did. Are blacks just expected to accept every apology by a celebrity caught in the act? I don't think so. The folks at A&E should be ashamed of themselves but they're not. It's all about the dollar and Dog brings them big bucks.

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It’s Time for the Folks at FOX News to be Tested for Drugs

I missed the initial flap about the 'Obama's Baby Mama' graphic courtesy of the folks over at FOX so-called News. Surely the powers that be over there need to be subjected to random drug testing because they can come up with some shiggitty that defies logic.

That Linda Trotta woman somehow thought it okay to joke about an Obama assassination stirred up by Hillary Clinton; E.D. Hill referred to the Obamas affectionate fist pound as a 'terrorist fist jab'; and now the FOX News Channel referred to Michelle Obama as 'Obama's Baby Mama'. Somebody must be on crack at FOX. Who in their right mind could think that was cool?

Oh, no, don't get it twisted. The things that have been lobbed at the Obamas are shameful but the FOX folks have made funky comments about the Clintons also.

There are still four months left until the general election so the folks at FOX News will likely make more idiotic comments. Until then, force them to pee in a cup or give up some hair follicles and find out what kind of drugs they're on.

HBO’s ‘Recount’ Must Be a Great Movie Because It Pisses off the Republicans and the Democrats

I can hardly wait for HBO's broadcast of the movie 'Recount'. It's the story of the infamous 2000 U.S. presidential election that was literally stolen from the Dumbocrats by the Rethuglicans in Florida.

The movie trailers have been particularly interesting with eerily similar physical likeness of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris by Laura Dern. Critics claim that Dern's portrayal of Harris is much like a skit from Saturday Night Live. If anyone thinks that will stop me from watching the movie ---how wrong they are. Hah!

I'm also a huge Kevin Spacey fan and look forward to watching him the role of Ron Klain, Al Gore's Chief of Staff. I'm also a Florida voter who still doesn't really know if her vote actually counted or not. You can read more about the movie at the HBO website.

I can tell you that I'll watch the movie Sunday night and likely watch it several times when it's re-broadcast. Hanging chads…pregnant chads…Bush-whacked uncounted ballots in Florida…Holler back and let us know what you think of the movie.

And Hillary Clinton supporters wanted a re-vote of this year's Florida primary by mail? I don't think so.

SNL Parody of Hillary Clinton: Funny? Not so much.

This Saturday Night Live parody of Senator Hillary Clinton would be funny if it wasn't true. What is intended as a joke is exactly how many people perceive her.

One key theory floating around and mentioned in the video is that African-American voters will support Hillary Clinton even if Barack Obama is not the Democratic presidential nominee. Don't be fooled. No matter the talk of Party unity, if Obama is not the nominee, there will be a backlash from African-American voters that even Barack Obama will not be able to prevent. That backlash will be the subject of international media coverage throughout the United States general election and beyond.

That's not a threat; it's a reality that has been ignored by the mainstream media, the Clinton camp and the DNC. The Clintons continue to inject racism and mean-spiritedness to the point that African-American voters will be bitter and that will not be a misnomer.

Speaking Truth to Power: Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Delivers Big Time

The NAACP Fighting for Freedom Dinner in Detroit was the coming out party for the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and come out he did. Detractors of Sen. Barack Obama have already started trying to marginalize the Reverend's powerful speech but you know they can't.

Live and in living color, Rev. Wright did himself a tremendous solid by destroying the racist, divisive caricature of him many had come to know. Comments about Wright's speech also showed just how much some folks don't know about blacks and the Black church.

Let me start with the introduction by Detroit NAACP branch president Rev. Wendell Anthony. His passion and conviction set the tone for Wright's fiery and humorous speech. Folks who didn't get the left-brain right-brain theory Rev. Wright shared didn't get Rev. Anthony's introduction and that's OK.

Some folks think Wright should have remained silent and his speech only keeps the controversy alive. The fact is that Rev. Wright will remain a political target for the Obama campaign anyway.

Rev. Wright's uncensored speech was delivered to a worldwide audience and you can't buy that kind of publicity. Wright spoke the truth about the differences between blacks and whites and reiterated that different is not deficient. Some who didn't listen to the speech will not get the unity in his speech. They won't get the call for respect for each other, our differences and change that's going to come.

Notably, Rev. Wright mentioned a book he has coming out. Whether that was a joke or not remains to be seen. In commenting on his speech, Republican strategist Sherri Jacobus criticized Wright for speaking out. She said his speech was self-serving and that he would get rich from his book.

Is she for real? Does she accurately represent the position of the GOP? Folks like Jacobus have themselves to blame for making Wright rich and more influential than he could have ever imagined. They are responsible for dragging Rev. Wright's character through the mud so many times that an otherwise un-newsworthy speech at an NAACP dinner received worldwide live broadcast privilege and was rebroadcast several times.

Rev. Wright is not going away and he will not be silenced. Staunch Clinton and McCain supporters are not going to vote for Barack Obama but reasonable folks and undecided voters saw a different Jeremiah Wright and he may have convinced undecided voters to support Obama.

Wright is scheduled to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC tomorrow. How his comments will be received before a less friendly crowd will be interesting. Stay tuned.